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C&J PembrokeTan Scotch Grain or Church's Grafton in Walnut Calf

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I find both the Pembroke and the Grafton very beautiful and could eventually end up owning both, unfortunately I can't purchase them both now and find myself in the "which to buy" dilemma. They both are nice examples of full brogues in thick soles and 360 degree storm welt. One in calf uppers with leather soles, the other in grain with dainite. I guess what sets them apart primarily is that the Pembroke has the heel cap brogue design versus the lack of heel cap of the Grafton and that straight line of broguing from the back stay and across the quarter (if this has a proper name please let me know and pardon my ignorance).


Any comments, questions, experiences with either shoe or suggestion will be greatly appreciated, thank you.



Best regards,



Le Fede



Here are links to the shoes:

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I've always contemplated getting a pair of Pembrokes, I've never once given any thought to owning a pair of Graftons. Upon revisiting your link my thoughts on this matter have not changed one bit. Besides you may think looks are the only thing that matters but if you ever get something that looks good but in reality isn't you'll change your mind. I've read many reviews about doubts and periods of ups and downs with Church's quality, there are no such reviews when it comes to Crockett and Jones quality.


Probably the only reason I've yet to get a pair of Pembrokes is because I was side tracked with Edward Green and Gaziano and Girling. But I've still been tempted and I have still often thought about it.

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Thanks for your views!
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Hola Fede

I own 2 pairs of Graftons, for me is one of the best brogues in the market (personaly my favourite), both with leather sole. Church's does not get much love here, but the Grafton is an iconic model; Mr. Hugo Jacomet (Parisian Gentleman) has comment about them.

I don't own a C&J Pembroke but it can be in my bucket list, solid shoe.

Eventhough they look very similar I think that there are some differences in the use and degree of formality of your two options. Here you have a couple of pics.

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Hola Juan Manuel


Both versions look very nice, I bet you get a lot of compliments on them and also a lot of disapproval from certain people here. Are the ones on the right Walnut Calf? If not, I wouldn't mind if you let me know the name of the color and leather. I recently ordered the Pembrokes in tan, so darker brown it is for the Graftons :)  Any feedback on how is the leather triple sole holding, is it as indestructible as its reputation?



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Hola Fede

On the left Walnut Calf, on the right Burgundy Crup (cordovan for brits). The triple sole looks intimidating but is not uncomfortabel, I like how solid they look. You can break your oppenent's shinbone with a kick if needed.

I am starting to think in Graftons in Mahogany... maybe.
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Pembroke for me, just saying...

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