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Ralph Lauren V Neck T Shirt Sizing Help  

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Hey all.  I want to buy some ralph lauren v neck t shirts.  I'm 5'8 and about 150lbs.  I wear Small for t shirts such as banana republic or say Ralph lauren classic v neck undershirts like this



These fit great but apparently I didn't know you aren't suppose to wear them outside because its an undershirt.  Well you can but you wear it underneath but looking for t shirt to wear by itself.



I checked ebay and saw some of these v neck t shirts with that pony on the top.  My issue though is i'm not really sure about the sizing because apparently some small t shirts could be very long and thus not look good.  A few of these have size charts as well and what bothers me is some of them would list that from the back of the collar to the to the bottom of the shirt, some of these are 27 or 27.5 inches.  However, a few of these list that its only 25 inches.  I know 2 or 2.5 inches vertically is pretty significant for a t shirt if you are not an average or tall guy.  All the sizing charts do say Small would equal 14.5 neck size and chest is 34-36 though.  I know that the amazon classic t shirts undershirts are similar sizing.  But im not sure how long it is from top to bottom.



The first 2 links seem to show the length is 25 inches.



These 3 links seem to show the length to be either 27 or 27.5 inches.





Also if you look at the first link, it seems like the elite blue t shirt, theres a tag on it.  And the other ones dont.  I actually have seen that t shirt at a store before but different color and the size of it is pretty good as in its pretty short.  But does that mean most likely the other 3 links at the bottom are probably a bit longer than normal?  I believe all are classic v neck t shirts.  The thing though is I'm sure you all know a t shirt thats either way too short or way too long doesn't look good.  



Does anyone know the sizing in terms of length for those ralph lauren undershirts i wear?  Because it doesn't show at all...

Also does anyone here think these t shirts v neck look pretty nice with the pony?  I think it look pretty stylish.




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This is the ralph lauren undershirts that i wear from the 1st link.  I would like to know is there way to find out how long these are lengthwise.



Also i assume the first 2 links i posted... those shirts are most likely different length than the last 3 right?  



Thanks all.

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I was told by one seller that all these t shirts are the exact same size.  Thoughts on that?  I don't think thats the case because the first one with the Tag, i actually seen this t shirt at a department store and it was pretty short... which is what i like.  Except that shirt was crewneck and different color.



Would appreciate if anyone who has bought this shirt could give feedback.

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hey guys.   So i got the shirt from ebay.  



Basically this is how it looks like on its the same t shirt as the printing on the back of it is the same.



Click on hampton purple and blue.



From the picture, it looks like the shirt is a bit loose.



When i wore it.... it did not have a tight fitting.  Its a classic fit.  However... the fit is not slim at all.  It seems a bit too wide if you will.



Has anyone here bought this shirt before?  The thing is i really want this shirt to fit exactly like my ralph lauren undershirts.... i even have a purple one myself but its an undershirt and not t shirt.

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Would most of you just return the t shirt if it doesn't fit that good?  Its definitely not how a small size t shirt feels for me.  Its just a bit wider and maybe a little bit longer though not by much. And of course it has a little loose fit.



I'm skinny... so that doesn't really look right on me.  Does that mean i should avoid all classic t shirt fits all together



If i post picture of me wearing the t shirt, would that give good idea on if i should return it or not?

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Definitely shouldn't wear a classic fit or a regular fit shirt if you are of a skinny build, that doesn't flatters your body type. Shoot me a pm with a picture, if you'd like.

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Okay i have pictures that i will post up.  



The first few pictures are a grey canvas deep v neck i wear and a ralph lauren v neck purple undershirt that i wear.  Both are small.  I have worn both of these casually before but had no idea the ralph lauren v neck purple... i could not wear by itself b/c its an undershirt.  These 2 shirts fit very comfortably for me.  The grey is very good fitting.  Very fitted.  The purple ralph lauren... theres a white spot there because of a stain so just ignore it.  But from those 2 shirts... would you say these are right fit for me?  I'm 5'8 and about 150 lbs.  Thus i dont want t shirts that are baggy/loose but most importantly... too long in length.



I then posted 2 ralph lauren v neck shirts i bought on ebay.  One is elite blue but and other is hampton purple.  These 2 i took a lot more photos.  They are small size as well  The length is a bit longer than both my grey undershirt and the purple ralph lauren undershirt.  My grey v neck actually is the shortest length of them all if you look at it as its really small.   Also not sure if you notice the ralph lauren t shirts i bought are a bit wide but not that bad.



Would you say these 2 tee shirts are still fine?  The thing is i would loved if these 2 shirts fit exactly like the ralph lauren purple v neck undershirt i have in the previous picture.  These 2 shirts are classic fit.  And someone here mention classic fit doesn't really look good if you are skinny which is what i am.



Are these fine or should i return it?  The other thing is i know undershirts are usually more tighter than casual shirts.  But is it wrong for me to think these t shirts are a bit loose and wide and long?  I seen the same v neck purple shirt color similar to the one i have at ralph lauren... its a casual shirt and not undershirt... i know because the pony is on the top of the shirt visible as oppose to the bottom like my undershirt.  That shirt cost at least $37 i think.  I think those are custom fit v neck t shirts?  Those look really nice and the length is very good.  Its like the lacoste v neck t shirt that are in white, chroline green etc... but those shirts cost $50 each which is a lot for t shirt.



Appreciate if someone can give me advice here on if i should return these or not.  Or are those 2 tee shirts i already have... sort of way too short and these are right size.  

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Canvas Deep V Neck Grey T shirt that i already own for a while.


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Ralph Lauren V Neck T Shirt Elite Blue Color that i just purchased off Ebay in Small Size.  The length is a bit longer than the previous 2 t shirts.






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Ralph Lauren V Neck T Shirt  Hampton Purple Color Bought off Ebay.  This is same size as elite blue above... size Small








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Also does anyone know exactly what brand has v neck t shirts very similar in sizing to this Lacoste green v neck t shirt?  I seen this at macys before but its expensive... $50.  However, the sizing of it is very good where the length of the t shirt is pretty good for a guy like me 5'8.  It seems like many t shirts sized Small are too long in length.  Basically the length of this is very similar to the photo of the ralph lauren purple v neck t shirt i posted above.  



Are there any alternatives similar to this for $25 and under?  I don't really care about the logo of the t shirt much.  Thus if theres a t shirt like this or like the ralph lauren v neck purple i posted previously and its a casual t shirt that can be worn by itself and has no logo anywhere... i would like to buy few of these...  Seems like almost every t shirt out there is either too long in length to... its a bit wide and classic fit and not slim fit or tight fit..


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hey all.  really looking for some advice here.  Someone here PM me and said the new ralph lauren shirts do look a bit roomy on me and thus classic isn't my fit and i should be wearing slim fit t shirts.  But he did say it looked alright though.  He said well t shirts dont fit right on 90 percent of the people and said these look okay on me.



Should i return it or not?

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Okay so I bought a 3 pack of v neck ralph lauren t shirts in white at century 21.  I had bought this few times from there.  Here is the link again.





I noticed that these undershirts are very long in length.  At first i thought... the sizing was wrong.  These are 2 inches longer in length than that 2nd picture of the purple v neck ralph lauren undershirt the one that i had for a long time.  But then i recalled thats how long these shirts actually are.  Thus that mean when i had it cleaned and dry, these t shirts shrunk which is why they look like the purple shirt v neck.



Does that mean those 2 classic v neck t shirts i bought that im thinking about returning... i can pretty much shrink these shirts just the same?  Thus the length shouldn't be that hard to shrink but could i actually shrink the roomier fit of these shirts around the arms?  Or is that not possible?

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