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hey gents,

this may need to be in another section, i'll let the mods decide.

I was at the Desert Hills outlet today and the Loro Piana outlet is clearing out stuff with huge discounts.

Everything was at least 15% off and some excellent items were 65% off... they had several roadsters, pants, jackets and cardigans... some of their best products were on deep discount... though with limited sizing and colors as one would expect.

I bought a grey cashmere/silk roadster and a light green cashmere roadster each for about 75% off msrp... they were marked down and then in a 50% off section.

if you are a size 56 or 58 there is a ton of stuff there for you... like $2,500 items you'll be paying $400 - $600 for...

i could have really gone down the rabbit hole here but settled for just the two pieces.

better than hunting ebay smile.gif