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Refresh my memory re: suitcoat length

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IIRC it is supposed to come down to a certain point (maybe halfway down the index finger when you have your arms to your side?) I can't believe I don't remember but I don't want to buy the wrong length.
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Hm, I don't think it has anything to do with arm length. A jacket should cover your butt completely, but not more than that. Someone with a copy of Flusser can correct me, of course
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Dave's right about length, but because it can be difficult to see your own butt without turning your head around"”which changes the way the jacket drapes"”you can use the way the hem of the jacket meets your fingers as a quick-and-dirty guide when trying jackets on. People's arms differ slightly in length relative to their torsos, so you should find a jacket you own that you know is the right length, and check where your finger joints fall. Also, you should measure the length of that jacket from the base of the collar to the hem, and use that measurement as a reference for online shopping.
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Flusser gives a nice way of measuring (which I have never seen elsewhere). Measure from the base of the collar to the floor and divide by two. I haven't tried it out yet. Maybe someone can report if it works.
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The two rules I've seen on this subject are: 1) divide the distance from the collar to the floor in half 2) The hem should line up with the knucle of your thumb. I haven't tried the first method but the second works perfectly for me and puts me at size 38S. This is important when I buy a sportscoat but with suits it does not matter as much as there is no great contrast at the hem. Also, I suspect, people taller than me can get away with longer jackets. Bjorn
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Traditionally it's been from the knuckle, but a lot of tailors are now going with the fingertips of an extended arm. IMO it's better to be longer rather than shorter.
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I checked it today on my new Corneliani suit... crap. Should have gotten a regular and I got a long. It comes down about 2, 2 1/2 inches past my butt. It definitely looks a little long. I am 5'11" but the only other suit I have is a L and it's ok... oh well. The search will have to continue. I'll try and sell this one on Ebay or something.
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