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I think it is great they have started this MTM program.


I would ask the OP what are the most common mistakes normal men make when getting measured/picking out a new suit?

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I'm glad you started this thread, and this is an interesting read. Yes, MW is at the bottom rung of the menswear world, and much of their sales tactics are sleazy or bordering on/are criminal. I would say that MW holds some value for customers who do not live near a major metropolitan area where there are other options, or for men who are reticent about purchasing clothing online. 


I worked for MW for 5 years when I was in college, and I worked for a higher end menswear store as well. Since I'm writing a book about working in menswear, I recently got an "undercover" job at MW again in order to gather some research. 


Perhaps the biggest thing I learned upon returning to this company (after a 16 year absence) is that I would never purchase clothing from MW. The overall quality of the clothing they sell has greatly diminished, and prices have risen. I'm sure the latter reflects inflation, but still. I do not think that any of the suits or sport coats they sell are anything but fused, except for the half-canvassed MTM Joseph Aboud. They've added some bullshit tailoring charges (crease set, shirt grippers), and they now outsource tailoring and have slashed the employment of in-store tailors. Most of the tailors they employ are at best competent alteration tailors, but they certainly do not employ any master tailors, as those are far and few between, and are a dying breed, especially in the United States. It is a high pressure sales environment, and MW wardrobe consultants and customer service associates are encouraged to outright lie to customers or to not disclose certain charges, such as the above-mentioned crease set. I was standing at the counter when a customer was rung up, and the manager said, "Give this guy [the customer] a crease set; I can tell he's classy" (read: add an extra $10 to the ticket, because, at this point the customer won't even notice that it's been added). Most MW employees are woefully uneducated about menswear and have little experience outside of working at MW. 


As for the MTM program, it's not a bad value for the cost especially if, like I said above, there aren't other options near where you live. It will not be a hand-sewn garment, but it will be pretty decent, and you can get mostly what you want, in terms of style (like, if you wanted a single breasted peak lapel jacket with patch pockets, or something, that's totally doable). But you couldn't do something like a particularly unique lapel style, such as fishmouth, for example. But if there's another company or a tailor who makes MTM that's not MW near where you live, I would look into the other options before buying at MW. For example, the high end cost for the JA MTM at MW is $1,700 for a suit. The low end is $500 for a sport coat. Prices are comparable for MTM from Hong Kong Tailor in my city, but the cut and tailoring at HKT are far better than at MW. When you purchase MTM at MW, your measurements are sent to a warehouse in New Jersey, where your suit is made, then it's shipped back to the store where you made your purchase where you come in to try your suit on and have your trousers hemmed, and the in-store tailor can make any adjustments that might be necessary. Although, then again, let's say that you need the sides taken in, and the sleeves shortened, they will then send your suit out again to their National Tailoring Service, then the suit will get shipped back to the store for you to try it on and see if it's finally right. The problem with all of this is that the person who marks your suit or who takes your measurements is never the person who does the alterations. Problematic, to say the least. But, at HKT, your suit is made right there in Atlanta, and it's possible that the tailor who fit you in the first place will be working on the construction of your suit at some point. So, for my money, I'd hit up HKT. 


Sorry this is kind of long, but I feel it's worth it to explain my reasoning here. 


Quick Question and maybe Menswear can answer this too.


I thought all recent JA garmets both RTW and MTM were made at their factory in New Bedford MA?


I agree that MW generally leaves alot to be desired-the high pressure sales tactics, the lack of knowledge among their staff, and their attempts to push unwanted products on me as soon as I set foot in one of their stores turns me off big time. In addtion to the fact that most of what they sell is low quality stuff like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger etc which is what I'm typically not looking for like most members of this forum


However, that said I've found some great items at Mens Wearhouse at pretty bargain prices. I've found Hart Schaffner Marx, older Joseph Abboud, and Jack Victor for less $150 each and sometimes even for less then $100.


Also in terms of the JA MTM at MW it seems like most other big box stores including places like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth run their programs the same exact way. I imgaine the only place where you would find a diffrent process from what i know would be a small MTM tailor.

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I would not expect anyone to even reveal they work for MW let alone claim to be an "expert" on anything save rag making. Does every purchase come with fire lighters?
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Who really gives a shit where it's made, when it comes to JA? The point is that it's a comparatively manufactured product. You're not wrong about those brands, but it's been years since MW carried jack Victor or Hart Schafner & Marx,  so what was available at that time was clearance and moving product. They don't carry them anymore. 


That MTM thing aint bad, like I said, if you've got no other option. But if you do have that option, I'd look into it.

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