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Great Gatsby / 1920's Themed Soiree, Seeking Advice

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I have one two piece pinstripe charcoal suit (I'm really kicking myself for not seeking a matching vest) and three blazers; black, grey herringbone velveteen, and camel. I'm under the impression that the charcoal and camel are the best bets and seeing as I have no vest for the pinstripe, which may also evoke some comparison to the mafia, maybe I should go with camel. Additionally while there are a lot of three piece suits that seem to inhabit that era, modern fashion seems to think blazers work too.

I don't know how accurate this is, and I'm not a fan of the white pants and white shoes on number three, but it seems to work. Even though it is a little bland. I'm posting more photos of the two jackets and two pairs of pants I have. One is cream and lighter and the other is slightly less yellow (purer white) and a little heavier. I also have tan shoes that I would wear, also pictured.

Thanks for the advice.






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I think most of the pictures you posted are from Brooks Brothers "Great Gatsby" collection from a couple of years back. I think with your tan jacket and cream trousers you might have a shot at emulating one of the two center looks, if that's what you're trying to do. You must wear a tie, and I strongly urge you to wear either a sweater vest or a vest, also. The shoes are okay, could use a polish. White bucks or spectators would be better.

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Do you know if the party is during the day or evening? If it's during the evening, the suit might work better.
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I'm pretty sure my current pick of ties is insufficient and I don't own sweater vests or vests to have a choice. Any suggestions for color? I'd prefer to not go with brown or derivatives thereof. I like the color on my shoes, but that's it. I can't think of any other situation I'd wear a brown piece of clothing. And the only situation I would want to wear a vest is with a suit or blazer. I also don't have white bucks or spectators, but if I were to purchase something, it would be the bucks. 


Evening party. It's in April and I'm a little apprehensive wearing tans and creams especially in the evening. The only problem with the suit is that I have no vest to go with it. 


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Honestly, if what you are really trying to do is create a costume, then you are probably better off going to a costume rental place and renting a "Gatsby" outfit. Especially if what you think you're trying to do is emulate the Baz Luhrmann version of Gatsby.

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Check out fedora forum. They are experts in historical reenactment.
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Here is a good historical clothing site that has info on dress of the 1920s:
There are some suggestions on putting together outfits at
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Evening? Tuxedo.

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