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Damaged tuxedo collar repair?

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Hi everyone.  Long time lurker on the forum and getting most of my information from simply doing searches.


However, I ran into an incident with my tuxedo that I need some help/advice on.


The silk shawl collar on my tuxedo was basically melted by the dry cleaners when they improperly handled it.


I am trying to find a local place here in Southern California / Orange County to do it, but can't seem to find many people who are capable or willing to take on such a large task.  


The one place that did say they would be able to do it wanted $150 to do, but they would want/need me to supply the fabric.  That's kind of tricky for me, since I have no idea how/what to get or pick, etc.


Any suggestions or feedback you guys can provide me with on this situation?

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The $150 charge is fair. If you were doing it here in NYC it would be more costly. Most shawl collars are satin.  You want it to match the side stripe of the trousers.  The tailor doing the alteration should be able to tell you where to purchase the satin or should be able to order it for you.  Are you sure it is silk? Today most dinner suits use satin poly for the facing.  Quality poly facing is virtually indistinguishable from silk.

Paul Winston

Winston Tailors/ www.chippneckwear.com

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$150 labor is fair.
contact a company LA call B black. for fabric, they might have it.
B & J fabric in NYC
Rosen and Chadick in NYC
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