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I am working in retail and I have always dreamed of working in a Valentino store, fortunately for me, there's a store opening for men planned in the beginning of next year. Guess what? I am gonna apply for the job, and do whatever it takes to get it!

I have already searched this forum for relevant posts, and I have done quite a lot research on the internet, and it stands out that the suits are not exactly a Valentino trademark, but I know that during the past few years, it's increasing. (Invited as guest designer at Pitti' in 2012).

Have any of you had any experiences with buying suits from Valentino online, or in store? 
Is it like multiple other luxury sartorial fashion brands (like Tom Ford) where there's a OTR suit for lets say a set price of 3000 dollars - and then a price increasment of approximately 20% for a MTM equivalent?

Whatever you may have of experiences: Bad or great, please feel free to share them. I would love to learn more about it :)

Thanks in advance,