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Curious to know if anyone has any experience with this shirt? I've ordered one in purple; they didn't have the extra slim at the San Francisco store. The shirt is quite soft and unstructured, due to the lack of interlining. It's much softer than the non-iron shirts, which I will no longer be buying due to their sandpapery feel.
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I might as well reply to my own post now that I can answer the question. The roll of the collar is much more pronounced than the prior BB oxford cloth shirt. It's just two pieces of cloth at the collar and cuff, no interlining. The fit remains the same. The chest pocket has been deleted, in keeping with the "original" version. The color selection is a bit more interesting than I've seen in recent years, several solids and a handful of stripes. At the moment it appears they've sold through a good deal of their inventory, so selection is limited. As I noted before, it's infinitely softer than the non-iron version, which I'm beginning to view as something of a synthetic abomination.
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I can't remember who it was, but someone recently bought a few of these. If I recall correctly he said that he liked them but that the quality was not great considering the high selling price. Also commented that there were cheaper alternatives at comparable quality levels.

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Yup! Anything to add @clarinetplayer?

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The new version is a nice shirt--but not so nice as to warrant the jump in price. The cloth, to me, is the same as old must-iron version. I never had an issue with the collar roll with the old version of BB OCBD. I think the success of a collar roll is related to neck size. If one wears a shirt with too big of a neck size, the collar roll is affected--negatively..

The buttons on the new shirt are awfully cheap for the price. I have ordered a few soft Ivy collar "heavy oxford" shirts from Proper Cloth and have been pleased with them. The neat thing about Proper Cloth is that exact measurements can be had. My ideal neck size for example, is 14.75. On a BB shirt, a 15 is just tiny bit big for me and a 14.5 is too tight.
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