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Ridiculious pants.
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Originally Posted by KBW View Post
I have probably 25-30 pairs of very high end "chinos"
That's a lot of one color. Do you rotate them in your lineup or just enjoy collecting them?
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Originally Posted by tiecollector View Post
Great work pants.
Indeed. Some clients that I go to expect suit and a tie, some places have folks wearing jeans. So, for all these casual environments, khakis/chinos + good shirt and shoes works wonders. You look good, but you don't look overdressed. The moment I replace khakis/chinos with slacks or dress pants, folks ask me why I'm overdressed. Either way, these are great, comfortable pants that last a long time and can take a beating.
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I used to own Dockers, but never replaced them as they wore out. I thought they were fine, but the quality is just average...for cotton pants I now wear either RL or BB.

I don't know why "khakis" get so little respect around here...personally, I like thinking about their history as part of the military uniform. But I do find the color "khaki" pretty dull..so I will wear only taupe, brown or British tan...actually British tan with a white shirt, dark brown belt and matching boots is a very dashing combination.
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Right now, we're at 70% not owning Docker's brand ... totally reversed from the claim for the overall populace in the OP.
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I'm sure they have their place, but they seem to be the Dickies of the more mature gentelmen's section.
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