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Do *you* own any dockers?

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I found this quote interesting from the article Quill linked in his Men vs. Women Buying thread:  
Today, seventy per cent of American men between the ages of twenty-five and forty-five own a pair of Dockers
Do you own any Dockers brand khakis*? I'm curious how this self selected group will respond. *I use "khakis" in the generic sense and for the sake of the poll assume it to mean khakis or chinos of any color.
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I don't have any khakis, but I have a couple pairs of black microfiber Docker's Stain Defenders that I wear while kicking around sometimes...
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I'm just wearing pants, I guess. My chinos are fairly pedestrian as I only wear them while working around the house, on the car, or most any activity where I need something durable and comfortable. I've got two pair: one khaki from a Gap factory outlet, one black Dickies from an army-navy store. I've had both for years and I'm convinced that they're bulletproof.
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I bought a pair of black stain defenders for work when I was bartending. I hated them. They didn't breathe and they picked up a lot of lint, for some reason (I know black cotton pants always do, but these were especially bad). Didn't really matter how they looked, anyhow, as I was behind the bar almost all the time. I went back to wearing dickies, which are a cotton/poly blend and yet breathe better. So I had to throw my vote in with the 75%.  
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I do not own any Dockers. Or any chinos at all for that matter.
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Though I do often wear slacks on the weekends, I have to have at least ONE pair of chinos in my wardrobe at all times because I haven't owned a pair of jeans in about 10 years, I think, and I have to have SOMETHING to shlep around in for really casual stuff. I've never bought Dockers because they're finished, and whenever I've looked, I've never seen my waist/inseam size combination available.  Thank God for Land's End. Are there people who manage to get by without either chinos OR jeans?  That's what I want to know.  How do you do it?
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Polo Ralph Lauren: Unknown cut, 2 flat front. Banana Republic: About 3-4 in the Emerson cut or Smithfield cut. 2 for each season.
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I have a bunch of chinos, from a bunch of different makers--but none bearing the dreaded anchor. I recently gave up my oldest surviving pair--flat front Polos from the mid 80s. You have to remember the pleat madness of the 80s to know what a rare bird those were. I rarely wore chinos before I had kids, but found my life much became simpler when I started wearing them more often. It meant I could walk in the door at the end of the day without immediately having to change clothes, and being able to throw my pants into the washer if I got nailed with baby food or fingerpaint.
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I have two Brooks Brothers Advantage non-iron flat front 100% cotton chinos. One in navy and one in beige. Excellent quality and fit. Truly no need to iron them.
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Amen retronotmetro.
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no dockers. i like banana republic chinos though, even though they require ironing. i'm pretty much home-based for my business. wear a suit when I go out to work, but at home, it's either chinos or jeans. plus, i live in san francisco, and i can wear the same clothes pretty much all year round.
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I'm in my mid-40s, which may have something to do with my answer, but yeah, I have one pair of navy dockers I've had for maybe 5-7 years. They're not so soft anymore; maybe the original pair was silicone sprayed for an impression of softness (wich then washed out?), but man they have lasted through thick and thin, with barely one frayed thread. They're just now starting to show some wear at the cuffs and seams (hey, they've finally become fashionable. ). Still very comfortable, still durable, still look neat even out of the dryer (and this was before performance fabrics became readily available). They're about to hit the surplus truck soon, but I can't complain about them. They've given their all and then some. (Please join me now in singing The National Anthem )
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Yes, I have several (non-Docker brand) in different colors. Went to a factory outlet a few years ago and got Geoffrey Beene (who knows who really made them?) in cuffed (around the house, weekends and travel) and non-cuffed (for golf), all pleated. End of season, something like $16 each? I am surprised no one has yet brought up Bill's Khakis, which might be my next couple of pair. Or did I miss a reference?
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Wow, less than 20% so far. I would have suspected a bit higher percentage. I admit to having one pair I picked up at Marshall's a few years back. Agreeing with Quill in that they certainly are sturdy. Bill's has been discussed some in the past, with the conclusion seemingly that they are overpriced for what you get. I've not tried them personally, but there were some defenders, too.
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I bought several pair of the Dockers remake of army style khakis (the K-1 Cramerton cloth models) a few years ago. Heavy cloth, button fly, no logos, full cut, french fly, altogether a great pair of khakis and at Marshall's clearance a bargain compared to Bill's khakis. Apparently they weren't very popular because they quickly disappeared from the Dockers product line. A shame really, because it was a good example of a mass market brand outshining a much more expensive specialty brand.
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