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Traveling to Rome, Florence, Naples - Recommendations for Hotels, Food, Shopping

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I am traveling with wife and toddler (sigh...) to Italy, namely Rome, Florence and Naples. I am bit stressed about it because I am taking my son who is a toddler. I need recommendations on where to stay in Rome, Florence and Naples. And is going to Amalfi Coast realistic? I want to spend less than 300 euros a night for hotel if possible. I plan to stay 12-14 days. Any advice is welcome.

I have read through following threads Spoils of Napoli, Driving Through Italy, Quick Naples Impressions
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Taking a toddler to Europe is possible - even fun - provided your expectations are realistic.
You'll see about half the sights you would see if it was just you and your wife. The other half of your time will be spent at the park or playground, or waiting for naptime to be over.

I think 300 Euros a night is plenty - we've always spent less than that and have managed just fine. However, I'd be looking for apartments or family rooms for travel with a young child. Mine were typically uninterested in eating at mealtimes and then instantly starving as soon as we left a restaurant. Aren't you going to want to heat up a bottle, or keeps some snacks in a fridge?

Also, depending where you're flying into, I think Rome, Naples, Florence, and Amalfi is pretty ambitious. I would pick Rome and either Florence or Naples. If you choose the latter, you're within an hour of the Amalfi coast.

You don't say if you'll have a car. It's very convenient for getting between cities, but a pain to drive and park in town. The train is generally easier, though not with a toddler. You also don't mention when you're going: you couldn't pay me enough to go to Florence (again) in July or August.

I typically stay at the August Lucilla Palace in Rome, which is way under your budget. Four stars, near Termini station, area a bit seedy (but not unsafe) at night.

Invest in the best travel stroller you can afford. Ignore anything I've suggested except that.
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Planning on going in May of this year 2016. Yeah baby loves his milk, not sure how that will work. Fridge and microwave will be pluses. Travel stroller huh, ok ill look into it. I dont think driving will be a good idea for me, rather do the trains. Whats wrong with the trains?
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I stayed at the palazzo alabardieri in Naples several years ago. It's quite nice and was about 100 euros a night.

If you have your family with you, consider basing your self in a town on the Almafi coast instead of Naples. A smaller town might be more manageable with a toddler.
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Nothing wrong with the trains. I just meant that they are a little more challenging with a youngster. You're lugging around suitcases, plus him, diaper bag, etc.
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Can't speak to Naples or Florence, as I've only passed through, but as for Rome there are plenty of quality hotels to choose from within your budget. If you wanted more privacy/space you may consider an AirBnB as you can often rent an entire large apartment for less than the cost of a hotel room. If you're sticking to trains, toddler in tow, you may want to steer clear of the Amalfi Coast as it requires multiple transfers from train to bus along the way - and they're often quite crowded. If you really want to see the coast (and it is magnificent), I suggest renting a car from Naples to streamline the process. From what I remember this will run you about 100 euro. 


As far as food in Rome, Trattoria Settimio is a speakeasy type throwback to classic Rome. They keep the door locked and only let you in after the owner gives you a once-over and signals his approval. Expect the no frills basics - pasta, sauce, meatballs, wine. It isn't chic or contemporary, but its a unique experience, and it's the kind of place Don Corleone might eat if he was in town for a meal. If you're looking for something a little more modern, Verso Sera, outside Campo de Fiori, has unbelievable pastas and a great outdoor terrace for warm nights. 

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Change of plans most likely going in September/October. Still a good time I hope. Please advise if anyone knows of a translator/guide for Naples. Easier to navigate when someone knows the areas I need to get too.
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