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First real suit for a skinny guy

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I'm new to the forum and have really enjoyed reading people's posts here. Everyone seems well informed so I thought I'd ask a question.

I'm exploring buying my own first real suit and Suit Supply caught my eye, as I'm skinny (32 inch chest, 29 waist) and they seemed to cater for the slimmer guy.

I was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue in struggling to decide which fit to go for. I don't live close to a store so online is really my only option, and I was veering between Lazio, Napoli, Sienna and Havana (although the Napoli and Sienna might be too boxy for my frame).
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You cannot hope to buy your first suit online and no one can guess anything at all from that scant description. Try to avoid a disaster by either travelling to a Suit Supply shop, (requires effort), or else going to a local shop, (less effort). Either will bring far more satisfactory a result.

You might even consider a bricks and mortar shop for MTM if there is one where the staff understand their jobs rather than variously following a manual or guessing the bits that they do not understand. However do not even think about online MTM, (no effort) - if you have read any of the threads here, that is a route to a complete disaster.

In an age when it appears to be online or bust, there are still occasions when bricks and mortar shops are the only choice.
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Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.
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SuSu offers a nice return policy, so it's not courting too much disaster to buy online. If your first attempt doesn't work out you can return if for an exchange or refund so you aren't risking much other than time. If you do buy online, I'd suggest going a size larger than you usually wear if you want a more classic look (SuSu tends to recommend the super slim/short look). Also, I'd stay away from their blue and purple lines. Quality and fabrics are not good IMO. If you can afford go spend a little more, the red line is a nice value.

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Thank you for your comment. Very helpful smile.gif
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