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Another vote for Valmour and, as cypi2 said, they typically offer lower per-unit pricing if you order more of a particular item.


I did a group buy for some SF members here in Australia a few years ago and when you buy 30 tins of Medaille d'Or polish, the price-per-tin goes down quite a bit!

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Originally Posted by knittieguy View Post

It is generally believed that this is the best shoe conditioner out there


Maybe by those who want to sell it to you and others who have bought the hype. I doubt it's true.


Having said that, I do use Saphir Renovateur, but usually only on leather that does not shine satisfactorily with standard conditioners alone.


Venetian Shoe Cream probably fits into the same category. It contains petroleum distillates and turpentine. On calf leather I only use it where getting a shine is difficult, and that is after the application of Bick4 or Lexol, not in lieu of...



Originally Posted by Count de Monet View Post

I wouldn't even consider it a conditioner, certainly not a great one. Bick4 is a very good (and inexpensive) true conditioner. Instead, it's more of an occasional all purpose touch up treatment as suggested by @rbhan12



The best shoe conditioners for calf leather are much cheaper than Saphir Renovateur. Bick4, Lexol, etc.


Apparently, Saphir Creme Universelle Leather Balm is also quite good, but it's completely overshadowed by the much more expensive Renovateur; I have yet to try it. It's available in 150 mL, 500 mL and 1 L.


In summary, you can't buy Renovateur in bulk and that's probably a good thing. Just have a couple of jars on hand for occasional application on shoes that are in reasonably good condition, but there's no point piling it on for heavy duty conditioning when something that costs less than half as much will work just as well, if not better.

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