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Charles Tyrwhitt shoes and UK -> US sizing

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I've been scoping these Charles Tyrwhitt brogues on eBay for awhile. I am hesitant to pull the trigger because I do not know how the 8.5UK size translates to 9.5US. I've never tried one on. Not sure if the price might be a bit high or not. They look good. Does anyone have experience with UK sizes, and CT shoes in particular that can speak to it?


I'm trying to get one good quality pair of oxfords in my closet.




The other pair I am looking at is an Allen Edmonds Strand Cap Toe




The sides look a bit worn for some reason. 190 also might be high?

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Definitely no to either auction.

Charles Tyrwhitt has 2 tiers of shoes, both made by Barker I believe. The lower tier are made in India, whereas the higher one are made in England. You can usually tell the difference by the outsole, as the Made in England shoes are two-toned. The ones you're looking at are definitely the cheaper ones, and aren't worth the money especially if used. Go check out the CT website and you'll see what I mean.

It's also hard to comment on exact size conversion because yes, technically it's one size down from US to UK; however, the lasts also make a difference. I'm a 11 EEE and CT's own conversion chart only sizes down 1/2; however, I own 2 of the Made in England shoes, and the 10 G fits me just fine, whereas the 10.5 G requires an insole.

As to the Allen Edmonds, $190 seems a bit high for a used pair. I'm sure with some patience you can score a better deal on eBay, or else check out the Shoe Bank, which is AE's outlet.
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Great info. Thank you very much!

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