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I have sinned.

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I used to consider myself a purist, but today (casual Friday), I'm wearing a tattersall Orvis wrinkle free all cotton shirt. This is really my first experience with a decent wrinkle-free shirt. After tsk-ing and rolling my eyes at my brother-in-law's admiration of his wrinkle-free shirts, and vowing never to succomb to such a garment . . . I have to admit I really like this thing. Where should I go for more? Preferably with a spread collar.
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I fit well in most RTW shirts and have been using wrinkle-free shirts for a couple of years now. Saves me tons of ironing time. I also don't have to worry about my kids wrinkling me in the morning when they give me their goodbyes. I love them.
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At the risk of being your enabler, I have admired Eddie Bauer no-iron shirts on a friend. However, last time I looked they only have button-downs. Otherwise, I would have succumbed.
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Brooks Brothers has a variety of such shirts, including spread collars. Kai
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SFclassic, If you are interested in no-iron spreads, Nordstrom the last I checked started carrying some no-iron with spread collar in some nice patterns. I find their no-iron shirts less expensive than Brooks Brothers (about $49 vs. $65 for solids). The Nordstrom no-iron broadclothes I have actually do not need ironing. I've found their pinpoints need a quick steam iron, but can be completed in 2 or 3 minutes. The benefit more than anything for me is that I can wear the shirts all day and at the end of the day they look like I just pressed them.
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The benefit more than anything for me is that I can wear the shirts all day and at the end of the day they look like I just pressed them.
I know I've plugged the BB non-irons to death, but JohnMS makes a good point about non-irons in general. I'd add, it's not even that I mind ironing shirts - I actually like to wash and iron my better shirts, if nothing else it reminds me to wear them. Less-textured shirts, though, do wrinkle a lot throughout the day, and the non-irons really bounce back and look good all day. It is, admittedly, a little unnatural. And there is the less breathable angle, that can be annoying on warmer days or in stuffier offices. EDITED for stupidity.
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I tried one of the Brooks Brothers no-iron shirts with a pattern and really liked it. Then I bought three of the solids and after two or three times wearing them decided I hated them. Not only are they thicker and not very comfortable, but they have a funny sheen to them that looks bad. I hadn't noticed it in the store but hanging in my closet next to my regular shirts, you can pick out the no-iron from a mile away. They just don't look good. I gave them all away and I'm glad to be rid of them.
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If you want a high quality non-iron that isn't chemically treated, has MOP buttons, great fabric, and is cut way more stylishly than BB, check out Eton of Sweden.
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