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I purchased a pair of Crockett & Jones Audley shoes (last 337) over the summer. I then followed the purchase up with a pair of the Barrington 2’s (last 363) in the fall. After giving the Audley shoes a fair chance to break in (I wear them about twice a week), they have significantly too much leather around the break leading to a several unfortunate looking breaks. Furthermore, with fairly thick sock I slide around in them, even when they are laced up as tight as possible and despite that C&J put a very thin insole in. This is in contrast to the Barrington’s which are the exact same size (9.5 E) and fit great, have a good looking break, and I have room to lace them even tighter.


At this point I think I will have to sell the Audley’s and will likely purchase the Londsdale’s (last 337). Is there really such a difference in fit between the two lasts? Would it be advisable to purchase the Audley’s again in a smaller size?


I am based in London so the Jeremy store is very convenient.