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Savile Row in Zurich

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I'd like to have a full bespoke suit made up in the English style, but live in Zurich and only visit London 3-4 times a year.


I'm drawn to Savile Row by the reputation of course, but also because I started my career in an office a couple of streets away and spent many a lunch break walking past the windows dreaming of being able to afford a bespoke suit one day. I also had a great experience once at G&H where I bought a RTW suit in a sale and managed to tear the trouser pocket a year or two later. I naturally assumed that they wouldn't be able to help me without an appointment and charge me the earth to boot, but instead they took care of it immediately and free of charge.


I'm now faced with the tricky (and often discussed) decision of which tailor to choose. Most opinions I read seem to centre around choosing by house style, but I must admit I often don't understand what the differences are and more importantly, have no real idea of which style I'd prefer other than to say I am looking for quite a traditional business suit.


My overall aim is to buy the best fitting and best quality suit, whilst enjoying the bespoke process. Cost does of course factor into my decision, but at this price level I am not too bothered about a couple of hundred pounds here or there. What's also key is to work with someone who can honestly advise me on what would work best for me without profit colouring their advice.


I'm looking for someone who has stayed true to their heritage and who still puts quality above profit and commercialization. Given my experience I would have immediately gravitated towards G&H but their website saddens me; it looks like a high street retailer and hardly mentions bespoke.


With no real way of differentiating between them (even pricing information seems scarce), I'm thinking of deciding based on who visits Zurich periodically. At least that way I can guarantee a more convenient experience if not the best end product. So far it seems like Dege & Skinner and Henry Poole pop over here from time to time, but I can't seem to find much information on any others.


Any advice or recommendations?

Am I approaching this the wrong way?

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Please visit following sites


They visit Geneva and not Zurich so might have to travel a bit.


For Anderson Sheppard they visit Germany (Hamburg and Frankfurt)



They are going there on 8th and 10th March so you better hurry up.



I couldn't find similar info on G&H.


According to this link here


Bespoke prices for G&H, Huntsman starts from 4500 pounds.

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Honestly, if you are over in London 3-4 times a year and have time you could easily go to Savile Row for the fittings

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You're probably right there but I would like to think this will be the first suit of many, so creating a relationship where we can meet in either country is surely a good thing. As mentioned, I'm also struggling to find any other criteria with which to differentiate them.

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You raise an interesting point, and while I'm not in the market for a SR bespoke suit, I am interested in reading about some of the differences in styles as well. I don't this question is derailing your thread as it would go to helping you learn more as well...Does anyone else reading this know of another thread on SF they can link to which discusses some of the differences in styles/fits of various tailors (preferably with photos showing the details for comparison)? If not, may be a good idea for a new mega-thread.

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Have a look at this site:


Most of the people you have mentioned are traditional English, so you will be tinkering at the edges so to speak.


Maybe next time you are in London go and have a look at the tailors you are interested in, maybe even get measured and choose the cloth, then you can have the next fittings in Zurich.

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I would check out the chap - Mirpuri - on Bahnhofstrasse. I would not say that they are Savile Row - their prices are not that high - but they do put a full canvass in the jacket and I thoroughly enjoyed ordering from them. The younger son runs in it in Zurich so he was able to tailor something a bit slimmer for me and a bit more "generous" for my father. 

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