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Hi all, 


I'm a college student from Long Island looking to have my chinos altered and I am in desperate need of a good tailor to make the alterations. I purchased a number of PRL classic fit chinos on a big sale recently but unfortunately they are not cut to my body shape at all. I have fairly bulky thighs as well as slightly built calves. Instead of following the contours of my legs these pants are cut totally square and actually taper out at the leg opening more than even my bulky shape is. Ugh. 


I am looking to have the thighs taken in as well as have the legs tapered to skim the contour of my leg without being too tight. The crotch may also need to be taken in as well to account for the difference. Please let me know if anyone knows of a tailor that is good with this. It make take some decent reconstruction to get right. Also I'm not looking to spend a ton of money per pair.


Thanks for your assistance!