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Buying a suit on ebay

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I'm in the market for a dark gray/charcoal suit would ideally like to spend ~$500 and figured I'd get more bang for my buck on eBay. The problem is there are a ton of suits that fit the criteria and I'm having trouble narrowing down the selection Having read a couple of old archived posts and checking out the selection available, I figure my best bet for that price range on eBay lies in the Zegna Soft/Armani Coll./Canali range of suits and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to which of the below suits may be the best deal and any to potentially avoid. I plan to use the suit primarily for a few interviews (I'm in the investment banking industry) coming up in a few months, and would ideally like something fairly slim fit.  I'm a fairly typical 40R with fairly broad shoulders, am 24, ~5'8 & 160 lbs if that helps at all. Also, I realize that we're in the midst of sale season, and if anyone could recommend anything off the rack (maybe up to a $1000) that may be a better idea, that would also be greatly appreciated.  I currently live in San Francisco, and have already checked out the usual sales (Saks, Wilkes Bashford, Nordstroms, Macys...) Thanks for the help Canali Armani Zegna Soft Loro Piana (fabric?)
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I've never heard of Antonio Basile (which is what the label on that Loro Piana suit says) so I'm going to vote Canali. Armani Collezioni and Zegna Soft both fuse their suits, but Canali does floating canvas construction. You'd feel much better in the latter. Edit: Both the Armani and the Loro Piana suits have higher lapel notches, good for us short guys, but it's really a small deal. Canali.
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In terms of quality, it is without question the Canali. But as my wife always seems to respons when I comment on quality to someone, that you have to buy what you like.
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