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Thoughts on this overcoat

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I don't normally wear suits so I am thinking about shortening it. It normally falls below the knee


I think it looks good but my concern is the bottom button it falls below the waist and can't recall seeing many coats like that.


Thanks for your help and opinions. 




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no opinions?

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You're right about the bottom button placement - it would look strange. Plus, when you shorten it that much, it begins to look like an awkwardly long suit jacket rather than a coat.


I would probably leave it as is and invest in a new coat which suits your needs better.

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^ I was hoping to not hear that but I think I will go forward with the shortening for a couple of reasons.


The main one being it is an older Oxford overcoat that I thrifted so I doubt I will find something better for the price. 


I also don't think the lowest button is as low as I had imagine it is just below the waist and above the sleeve ends. 


There is a small hole at the bottom of the coat that if I shorten the coat would be a non issue. 


That photo isn't great so I will post another photo and then post and after. 


This is what I suspect it will look like after I get it altered. 



Any other opinions would be greatly appreciated. I will also post this in the alterations thread to see what they think. Thx

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The coat is out of proportion as it is pinned up.
Tou might look into having the hole repaired.
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It looks to be second hand and previously butchered. I'd burn it and start again with something new which meets your requirements. Second hand for its own sake is a waste of money however cheap the purchase.
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I agree with GBR. It doesn't look good as is and would look even worse if shortened. It seems like you are insisting on doing what you want, though, so I'm not sure why you even asked for advice.

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You can do what you like since you've already bought it, but I think you should leave it alone. I see you're also pulling it from the rear, indicating that you want it to have some more waist suppression. The latter may be beneficial if you're planning to wear it over shirt/jumper.

Don't get hung up on the length of the coat just because shorter coats are the fashion of the moment. Get it mildly suppressed if you really want to, but leave the length for now and wear it for a while.

It's probably not too much trouble to get hold of a shorter coat to scratch that itch. It's good to have more than one choice in your wardrobe. You may appreciate the slightly longer coat in cold weather.
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