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Recently I have been working with Minnis of Savile Row and Martin Sons & Co to put together a "Fresco" cloth/Reeves MTO program this summer. They were very helpful in giving me access to a lot of archive material relating to their heritage in huddersfield. Being a Northerner myself and going to University in neighboring Leeds I was surprised and (slightly amused) to hear of an interesting connection between the old industrial town and the avant garde bauhaus school.

Walter Nurnberg a German photographer of the Bauhaus and Reimann schools moved to Britain in 1933, the same year that the Nazi party solidified control over Germany. in 1940 he published his seminal book 'Lighting for Photography: Means and Methods'. He was made an "honarary Briton" serving with the British army in WW2 until he was invalided out in 1944.

After the war he was naturalized and took a great interest in photographing British industry in his dramatic and modernist style. Here are some amazing pictures taken at the Martin Sons & Co mill in Huddersfield.

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