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Style advice on a 3p suit?

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I'm going to get a 3p suit done for my wedding and would love to have some advice for you.

I'd like a very sober and understated dark/midnight blue, very formal in a way, but with a few tweaks that would remind of a more traditional morning coat.


I was thinking rope shoulders, peak lapels and a (possibly horseshoe shaped?) DB waistcoat, possibly in a light (grey?) colour, a bit like that:


Not sure about the Prince of Wales pattern on the waistcoat, but I could give it some thought.


As far as colour goes (and I quite like the waistcoat, too), here's what I was thinking:



And for the tie, I had in mind dark blue with dots (or similar pattern) matching the waistcoat colour (as on the first picture basically). Drakes seem to do quite a few ties in that spirit.


I'd like to know what you think, whether you like it or find it very loud and clumsy and of very bad taste, as I'm sure knowledgeable people here would have plenty of ideas on what to do and what to avoid to achieve the initial idea: a nice wedding suit with that subtle play around traditional wedding garment.



Please be nice, I'm pretty new to all this :)



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I'd definitely recommend a contrast colored waist coat. Glencheck is nice?

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Funnily enough, although I was a contrast waistcoat in mind, posting this picture got me to think having the waiscoat in the same fabric did look very nice too.
But I think you're right, I should stick to the contrast, gives a bit more of a wedding touch to the suit.


Glencheck could be nice, but I'd need to find one that looks better, I'm not fond of the one on the picture.

Thanks for your answer TheShoeMaker

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I would argue strongly against contrast waistcoat, for the simple reason that that could always be bought separately. On the other hand, if you're having the suit made, this is the best/only time to have the matching fabric available. Furthermore, contrast waistcoat looks like it's trying too hard to look like morning dress. Finally, I'm assuming you'll want to wear the suit after wedding, in which case a matching waistcoat would go much further.
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I have a navy flannel 3-piece suit , single breasted jacket and waistcoat. However, I also commissioned a dove-grey double breasted waistcoat made from the same bunch. I'm very glad I did. I don't wear the grey waistcoat frequently, but when I do I'm very pleased with it. So, if you can afford it, I'd definitely recommend getting both a matching and a contrasting waistcoat. I like the look.


Contrast is good. (Click to show)



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