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Too good to be true???

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Just got an email from RMRS about these shoes, I watched his video and clicked on the link to the kickstarter page. All of this has left me wondering, are these too good to be true? Is the quality really as good as they (and Antonio) state it is? This seems like a killer price. Would these be worht it? By worth it I mean will they be of good enough quality to last 3 or 4 years walking a couple of km's everyday (uni campus). I'm looking for my first pair of quality shoes, and am wanting a pair of loafers primarily as I have some 'Dress' shoes which will suffice for now. I realise they won't be G &G quality but would they be a good buy at that price? Anyone opinions would be appreciated, cheers

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Stay away. Rather than too good to be true, I'd say "too complicated to be trustworthy".

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If you're referring to their business model, would that not be because they're trying to kickstart their company and shoe range? Maybe so, but would the shoes be of high enough quality to have a lifespan of around 3 years? It seems, the word around the forum that to have a shoe be of adequate quality one has to spend of $250-$300, a cost I cannot currently justify unfortunately.



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Then why not reach down and go for Cole Han/Johnston Murphys? If properly rotated and cared for, they will last you 3 years.

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