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Question about Meermin Chelsea boots fit

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Hey guys it's my first post on here. I recently started a new job and got serious about shoes. Based on price to quality ratio and many favorable  reviews I went with Meermin and ordered the season - appropriate Chelsea boots in dark brown calf. I ordered without trying in size 7.5 at their recommendation and they were a bit too big so I requested an exchange. In the meantime I had the opportunity to try on various Carmina shoes including boots and their size 7 fits me perfectly. Meermin said I should be the same size in their shoes so I ordered the replacement pair in size 7.


The fit feels snug especially side to side and vertically, but there is a bit of heel slip when I walk. It's my first pair of Chelseas and Goodyear welted so I don't know what to expect. It's tolerable now and could possibly be eliminated with thicker socks but I fear it might get worse in time. They don't currently have the next size down (6.5) and I'm afraid it would be too tight overall anyway. Since the returns are at the customer's expense, a second exchange would make them quite a bit pricier so I'm contemplating either keeping them or returning them for a full refund and I need your advice regarding the fit after the break in period from your experience.



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I have Meermins in suede. After breaking in the size doesn't appear to change. If the heel slip bothers you that much you can buy a small rubber self adhesive insert which will both take up a bit of that space at the back of the shoe and help your foot to grip. That might be your answer if the fit is good everywhere else.
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Thank you, that really helps. I didn't know those existed although it makes sense someone invented it :D Yes the fit seems to be good everywhere else but I guess only time  will tell.

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To keep you updated, I took advantage of a work trip to Spain (talk about good timing!) to return the those and jumped in this MTO. Ordered size 7 as well but according to Meermin the Elton last is both a little narrower and with a lower instep so chances are it will fit better. I like the color and I'm excited to receive them in April (hopefully I get to wear them some before the summer comes.


I took advantage of the same trip to order their new oxford brogues and they fit well (minus the pain, still breaking them in).

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What did you think of the quality? I've been looking to buy a few pairs for summer, and like the look of the Meermins. Are they more like a really good quality shoe (like a Carmina) or more average, like a Cole Haan or something?

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They are definitely more like Carmina, much better than Cole Haan and the likes. All their shoes are either Goodyear welted or handwelted. In fact the people behind both brands come from the same family, and the family owned Yanko before. The full story is on here somewhere.

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That's what i hoped. Just good to hear it again.

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Dave Preston shoes for me, just about every rock star ever has/had a pair

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Glad I found your post as I have been debating a similar purchase for awhile.


First pair of Chelsea's and first time buying either Meermin or Carmina. 


Debating between these two:


Carmina (USD $535):



Meermin (USD $220):


From what I've read online, Carmina is slightly (or maybe greatly?) more refined then Meermin, is that anyone's opinion on this forum that has owned both? Any reccommendations for a newbie buyer? Part of me says since its my first Chelsea and since ordering from Europe to go with the lower cost option so I am not so committed to the shoe if for some reason I dislike. At the same time maybe paying the Carmina more premium price really translates to visible value/quality?


Either way its a step above most of the junk available in the US.


Thank you in advance for your consideration,

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any responses?


i ended up going with the meermin chelsea boots... they are tight as hell on the side (small toe rub + heel rub). I've worn around the house for a few hours and they seem to be loosening very slowly. Meermin customer service says they will stretch out and from what ive read online, goodyear welts can take weeks to full break.


any feedback as to experience from users on this forum?

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