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Hi fellow San Franciscans,


I'm a bit new to the city, and I'm looking for a tailor for MTM (or bespoke) suiting. I'm looking to spend up to a couple thousand dollars for a three-piece suit, which I'll call mid-range for the purposes of this forum. I wear suits once every couple months, so not incredibly heavy wear, but I am looking for good quality that will last years. 


I've had good experiences with Seymour's Fashions, though haven't yet ordered anything significant with them. Others have highly recommended Andreas Gorges. With a quick visit to both shops, Seymour's pricing was a bit higher, but the fabric was putatively better ("Hugo Collections Super 150 wool/cashmere" vs. Derby Super 120). Moving up in fabric at Andreas Gorges made it significantly more expensive. 


The downside of Seymour's was that it was a moderately high-pressure sales process. I've struggled with that before in Asia and New York, so that put a bad taste in my mouth. Some of the information also didn't jibe with what I've seen here; for example, that Super 150 isn't going over the top. Andres Gorges was the complete opposite: incredibly relaxed and helpful. 


I'd love any thoughts from the Style Forum crowd. Have you had any experiences with those tailors? Anything I'm missing?