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John Smedley alternatives

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I bought a John Smedley T-shirt a while back and have been living in it ever since, it's by far the best basic i have ever worn (if you don't yet have one, get one!). My plan was to phase out my other tees and build a wardrobe of just these, but I just talked to their support and it seems that the slim fit is gone. Instead they have gone for a standard fit that's between the slim and casual as the only option, which is too bad, as the slim one was incredibly perfect.


To make a long story short, my goal is to find a substitute to the finely knit T-shirt with ribbed cuff and hem in a relatively slim cut, and the big question is if anyone knows where to find it? 


Thanks in advance!


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Mr B, as someone who lives no more than 20 minutes from the JS factory I can only agree with your comments as to their quality.

Thing is because they have set the bar so high alternatives are not out there. Certainly not of a similar standard or even close. Is your JS stuff sea island cotton? I would assume so.

The only real alternative for me is Sunspel. Really good stuff. A little different, yet approx two thirds the price.

LMK how you get on


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