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2 Button Suit - Lapel Rolls to last Button!

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Hey Gents,


I have had this Sartorio charcoal 2b suit for a while now, but only recently discovered that there is something strange about it. On both the lapels (button and buttonholes), they roll past the top button to the last button. However, 2 button suits are supposed to be worn by buttoning the first button. I have attached pictures below to show you what I mean. Is it possible that the suitmakers intended for it to be worn at the last button, or is this the result of something else? Advice is greatly appreciated!




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I can't speak for what the intentions of the designer were, but for what it's worth, I like the roll!


And if it were me, I'd happily continue wearing it, doing the button up from the top, not the bottom.

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Thanks for the input. I would like to but the lapels folds quite unnaturally to button it from the top, precisely because of the roll.

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Rylsa, I have a D'Avenza suit that does the same thing. The top buttonhole also is more finished on the back side than the bottom buttonhole, consistent with the intention being that the top button should not be buttoned. If I button the top button the lapel tries to roll past the buttoning point and turns the top button almost sideways. I'm not sure how I feel about it.
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Two roll one; quite a normal alternative but an acquired taste.
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This is caused by the collar being too short. The point where the lapel rolls is controlled by the collar. If there are outlets at both ends of the collar you can have the top collar removed and have a new under collar made.  Will be more difficult if you don't have outlets on the top collar but still possible to fix.


Hard to find someone who can do this but it can be corrected

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This is a new, unaltered D'Avenza suit, and as I said the finishing on the back of the top buttonhole is far nicer than on the bottom one. I think GBR is correct, and the jacket in my possession is a 2/1 roll (or two roll one if you prefer).

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