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Colored belts

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So, I'm thinking I want to pick up a colored belt or two to wear with jeans/sneakers.  I'm thinking red, green or something with stripes... The idea really isn't really original.  I saw a couple of really cool red/pink belts in the latest issue of DNR (October 4th) that looked really cool and assume that there should be more availability in Spring '05. However, I'm looking for something a bit sooner. What are everyones thoughts on the colored belt issue anyway?  Does it scream metrosexual?  OK for a casual work environment? My current uniform has pretty much been a pair of PDC jeans, prada or asics onitsuka sneakers, an untucked varvatos or jantzen button down shirt.   I'm kind of getting bored with the black/brown belt and think something with any hardware/studs... would be just a bit much for a tuesday afternoon in the office.... Any suggestions on where to pick up a colored belt - online or other.  I'm currently in San Francisco.   Not really particular to D-ring or not, but would definitely appreciate suggestions on both. I saw a couple striped d-ring belts at club monaco recently and may pick one of those up as well Thanks.
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I think colored belts look great, but I am a bit biased since I am a belt fanatic. Whether it is appropriate for the office is a different issue, but if you're wearing an untucked dress shirt and jeans, it could be a nice little detail that doesn't show all the time. If you're in a place where you're compelled to tuck in, it probably isn't ppropriate. Colored belts are a matter of degrees. Most of the colored ones I have are O-rings, besides a few in navy and crimson nubuck and a candy-apple green borrelli. I also have a beaded etro paisley that is very unique. Once you stray from leather, nubuck, and suede, there is grosgrain which you can find at Polo, J. Crew, et. al, in colors from navy to pink solid or stripes, cloth which I believe the ones in Club Monaco are (these will fade easily and have more of a texture, so you might find these more masculine), and of course there is silk. I've had tiecrafters make D-rings from Hermes ties I picked up at last call and I have a gorgeous multicolor RLPL repp stripe silk O-ring. I wear them with everything, but it's really a matter of what you're comfortable with. Some may find it metrosexual, but I enjoy being distinct from the myriad black belts out there.
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Try belts in grey, cognac, burgundy,navy, etc. Martin Dingman, for instance, makes handpainted belts but I find them a little too too.
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