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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

So... what did you get?
Here is an albump summing it up, I'm all about japanese mode fashion, rather than pure streetwear so I bought what like.
Everything made in Japan except for Carven shirt, the green sweatshirt (amazing fabric btw), and the vintage RL pleated pants.
I love pleated large pants smile.gif


Here's the RL pants : https://imgur.com/XBtK1XU
(Excuse the awful belt)

Thanks again Zenmarket, amazing value for what I got (1/6 of retail price)
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Dear Wakazuki,


Thank you very much for using our service.

We are happy to know that your items were safely delivered to your place.

Hope to see you again at ZenMarket!

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Originally Posted by zenmarket View Post

Greetings from Osaka!

I'd like to introduce one of the brands born in Japan.




You might have heard of the brand. It was launched in 2003 by two Japanese men.




Their online shopping website will be open April 16. The website are mostly in English so that's friendly for English readers.

I'm not sure if they can ship abroad though. 

If not, please ask us.




Do you know the link for the pants? I've tried finding it at https://sasquatchfabrix.stores.jp/?category=PANTS but there's nothing in the pants section....


- Rian

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Dear Rian,


Thank you for the inquiry.

We are not sure, which exactly pants do you mean, but in general pants of this brand you can look here:







Hopefully, you will find the pants you are looking for.

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Automatic system check!


Dear Styleforum users,


Long time no see.


Maybe some of you have already heard these news, but for those who didn't, we would like to inform about great changes in our system


The introduction of  an automatic item check system, which will automatically calculate item cost and domestic shipping, when you add an item to the cart.

Currently, the system is employed for the items from Rakuten, Surugaya, Disney Store , Zozotown, Yellowfish, Yodobashi, Kapital and some more!


If you were irritated by the slow speed of checking - there is no need to worry about it anymore.

Our new automatic system solves this problem, because the calculation is very fast, and the items are available for purchase within seconds after adding to the cart.


Here you can read the full news about the changes http://zenmarket.jp/en/post.aspx?id=164&l=en


Please, let us know, what do you think about them.

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Thank you for this new system Zenmarket, it has proven to be very efficient in my last 2 orders.

Speaking of which, I cannot stress enough how perfect my orders were carried once again. Ordering from Japan has become as easy as ordering from the local online website...


One issue with the website though : some items, when added to the watchlist, do not display a picture or even worse, do not lead to the item when you click on it from the watchlist (this seemed to happen with items from Rinkan for example). 

Therefore, you cannot find the items once again after you've put them in the watchlist... 

The shop watchlist is a nice feature but it can be improved a bit : it would be great to have some buttons to sort by price, date etc.


That's the only issues I have with the website, other than that it's great.


EDIT : for people wondering the kind of things I'm getting with the help of Zenmarket, there are these Stephan Schneider trousers for instance : 


Edited by wakazuki - 8/15/16 at 8:18pm
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Dear Wakazuki,


Thank you for the comment.

We will carefully examine the problems you pointed out, and will try to solve them as soon as possible.


Regarding the addition of new functions, we will think about how to implement them in the future.


Please, do not hesitate to tell us if you have something else troubling you, or if you have ideas about improvement of our service.

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Upcoming Brands of 2016 (Part 1)


Hello dear readers,


Today we would like to introduce some of new, up-and-coming Japanese brands to watch!

These brands are not famous yet, but they are already highly valued by some experts, and growing steady.


1. doublet



This brand, made by Mr. Ino Masayuki, formerly from MIHARAYASUHIRO, makes clothes under the concept "daily clothes with a sense of incongruity".

Mr. Ino


Their new motto is "Strangest comfort".

The brand uses punk, military, hawaiian influences in their casual clothes.

The visual and performance side of the clothes is a strong point, for example, there was a T-shirt, delivered in the popcorn pack.



Check out their new Autumn-Winter collection!



You can purchase the brand on several websites in Japan:






To be continued.

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Upcoming Brands of 2016 (Part 2)


Hello readers,




We talked about DOUBLET on the last post and the founder Ino's good friend Morikawa takes care of this brand. He has experienced in desigining ISSEY MIYAKE and ISSEY MIYAKE MEN in the Paris Collection, so you know how he's talented.

This brand is pronounced like "tah-ck", and Morikawa is really conscious of its materials and techniques.



He's also been inaugurated as a designer of MIDIUMISOLID so he's going to run two brands.


There are some stores selling TAAKK and here are the examples.





Check out him and his newly established brand!

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Upcoming Brands of 2016 (Part 3)


Hello readers,


3. Kics Document


Our third choice is going to be Kics Document, which was set up by a female designer Takeishi Kanako all by herself.

The brand itself was established back in the year 2012, and quickly earned reputation in Japan due to extremely strict, even by Japanese standards, devotion to handcraft, and using traditional Japanese technologies when producing the clothes.


The brand's most famous products are probably these shirts:


Despite being moderately popular in Japan, the brand has not got recognition in the West before 2016, when they appeared on the Paris Tranoi show.

After that, they have suddenly became popular, and are big stores in USA and UK are already placing orders for their clothes.






Regarding this, Ms. Takeishi has commented as following: "I am not going to rely on the "Made in Japan" brand. The quality, which it has, needs to be continuously brushed up. I am going to work in close cooperation with the workers at the factory, in order to keep producing works that I can be proud of".


Let's wish her all the best in the upcoming years.

Last but not the least, please have a look at video about their craftsmanship:


For those, who are interested in the brand, here are some online stores that sell their products in Japan:









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Zenmarket, thank you so much for the post series. These are exactly the kind of obscure yet high quality brands I'm looking for, and it's always difficult to find infos when you don't speak and don't search the internet in Japanese.

Please keep it going! 



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Nice to know about this service. thanks​.

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Upcoming Brands of 2016 (Part 4)


Hello styleforum readers,

Our fourth selection is the brand TTT by a very young and talented Japanese designer Tamashabu (his real name is Shota Tamada).

This brand provides unisex clothing and is very popular among the young in Harajuku, Tokyo, where many fashion goers get together.

The brand name is pronounced “Tee” for only the first letter, which comes from the initial of his family name Tamada.

In an interview, he said he provides modern and street-fashion-like clothing that you can wear in your daily life, insisting that there are so many wonderful pieces of clothing which you can't wear, and that he doesn't like it.

He's just only 22 now and very hopeful to be a future icon in Japan's fashion world.





Check out some items here:



Look for the TTT_MSW mark. MSW stands for Modern Street Wear.


You can also find some items he's designed for other brands like "Cannabis" on ZOZOTOWN's website. 

Sweatpants - http://zozo.jp/shop/hpfrance/goods/13558988/?rid=1019
Parka - http://zozo.jp/shop/hpfrance/goods/13046411/?rid=1019
Sweatshirt - http://zozo.jp/shop/hpfrance/goods/13046413/?rid=1019


We hope you enjoy these posts!

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We all do! There are so many fascinating brands we have no exposure to, so it's great that you're taking the time to introduce a few of them. Keep it up!

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Hello again everyone! It's Monday here in Japan and today is actually a national holiday. It's Respect for the Aged Day, so please show the elders in your life a little extra love. 


We are going to introduce a young brand called Almostblack today. Started in 2015 by two designers, Shunta Nakajima & Masaki Kawase, the name Almostblack comes from the Japanese word "kachi-iro" which is the name for an indigo color so deep it looks almost black. During the Heian period fabrics were pounded with a mortar after they were dyed to bring out a deep luster. The word kachi has a homonym that also means victory so eventually this color became popular with military officers and samurai. This brand Almostblack was named with this in mind with the goal to embody the Japanese spirit and make clothing incorporating this powerful color.

This deep blue color shows up in a lot of their designs but as you can see, their latest collection incorporates much more, with references to 90's punk and skate culture. Please take a look at some pictures and follow the links below to see what you can order online. The sites are in Japanese, but of course if you are interested in ordering anything or have any questions about items or translations, ZenMarket is here to make it easy for you. Thank you!


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90

The designers.







Unfortunately quite a few designs are sold out, but there are still some things left. Please check out these online shops where you can buy Almostblack.





This site has loads of high end designer clothes. Very cool and worth clicking around after you check out Almostblack.


Okay, have a good Respect for the Aged day! Stay young at heart. We are here if you need us.

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