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very cool idea!
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9. foot the coacher



This brand is renowned for both its stylish design, as well as extremely solid workmanship.


They import only the best leather from UK, France and Italy, and choose the crafting method, best suited for each type of leather.

Stylish yet solid design is fascinating.

They work in different style, ranging from classical British finish shoes in the photo above, to an experimental boots design below:



Choose, what design suits you today!


This brand is available in the following online-stores:








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8. Sanyou Yamachou (三陽山長)


Premier Boots Brand


"Japanese boots, made by Japanese in Japan" is the motto of the brand.


The philosophy of it can be further expressed by the three traditional Japanese concepts of technique (技), ingenuity(匠),  and refinement (粋) (The translation is rough, please dont mind it too much).

Despite this, high-quality Italian leather is used for the manufacturing.

As can be seen from the picture, the characteristic of this brand is chic and smart design.


...And vivid.


For those, who love unusual boots, please purchase here:






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7. Authentic Shoes and Co.


Beautiful boots, made from horse hide


The designer of the brand, Takegahara Toshinosuke has finished visual arts university, and learned the art of shoe making afterwards by himself.

In 1994, he opened Authentic Shoes and Co. brand, which at the time was called "Takegahara Toshinosuke".

By the way, "foot the coacher" brand that we have introduced in the previous post, also happens to be his brand.


In 1998 he went to England, where he designed shoes for George Cox and Tricker's.

He is also famous for designing footwear line for the Japanese fashion brand "Number Nine".


When creating shoes for Authentic Shoes and Co., he uses a combination of good old craft-making technologies, with the transcendent design.

The first among Japanese brand shoes, his footwear SETTA (雪駄)  was selected by the British Northampton Museum and Gallery (the museum of footwear) as "Shoe of the Month".


Similar to designer himself, who hates exposure so much, that there are almost no photos of him anywhere on the web, the shoes of this brand are hard to find online.

However, we managed to find few places, where it is possible to purchase:





It can also be found on the auctions.

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Hello ZenMarket,

In the United States we can only get striped Saint James boatneck shirts (Ouessant model). But Japan gets solid and melange color Ouessant shirts, but mostly smaller sizes. Would you be able to proxy these solid color shirts in a size 8 (their largest)? thanks
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Dear cofeequeen,


Thank you for the inquiry.


We are willing to help you, but as far as we have understood, "T7" is their largest size, and it corresponds to XL size.

Please, refer http://www.st-james.jp/about-saint-james/product.html to the table of size on this page.


Would this size be OK for you?

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6. Rolling Dub Trio


A masterpiece of unrefined American classic 


Up and coming young brand, that cares about every detail, from materials and crafting method, to the shape of shoes, that is most comfortable.

By doing that, they achieve the perfect combination of functionality and design.

The wingtip model in the picture is called BOWERYⅡ.

In contrast to the British style, that we introduced in our previous posts, this one is pure American style, however, modernized and arranged according to the taste of designer.

The end result strikes us with it's solid and powerful design, emphasizing the manliness of the owner.


This brend is actually quite well-know in Japan, and can be purchased online in different places.

We have written down a few of them here.








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Today we would like to introduce a Japanese brand BEAMS. Maybe some of you have already heard about it as BEAMS, being founded in 1976, had celebrated its 40th anniversary. 

BEAMS - an apparel company, whose goal is to become a culture shop that creates culture through the products it sells.

Over the year they expanded its business to realms other than fashion - cafes, sundries, interior goods, etc.




BEAMS has more than 20 labels that provide unique styles! If you love original and cool style than you need BEAMS!

Just go to its URL and add the link of the item you prefer to your cart in your ZenMarket account.

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PM sent
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Hello dear Styleforum readers,


Continuation of top 10 shoes brand!






Started as shoe brand in 1997, the brand has now expanded to include clothes and fashion accessories, but Mihara's shoes line are still most famous.

Mihara’s design is extracting everyone’s focus by his unique and surprising ideas.

He always thinks out of box to bring people enjoy the playful theme of each garments in every collection. 



His shoes include various types of shoes, ranging from business line, which is about playing Mihara's design on the edge of general business style and then give a totally new point of view, to causal style, such as sneakers and other similar footwear.

Each piece has Mihara's unique touch.



If you wish to purchase some of Mihara's masterpieces, please refer to the following links:













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A quiz


Are you are Men's Style expert?

Try out this quiz!




By the way, ZenMarket staff got 4 from 12...


Sorry, we will continue learning about fashion!

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Dear readers,


Today, we would like to introduce quite an interesting footwear brand.

It is called Padrone.



Padrone means "employer, patron" from Italian.

In the world of shoe making, first person must become an apprentice of his "patron", and learn various techniques from him.

In order to be recognized as a shoe maker, young apprentice also has to pass qualification exam.

This brand has chosen this name due to their desire to preserve ancient tradition of foot making.

By preserving this tradition and combining it with modern nuances, the brand is striving to create item, renowned in any epoch.



For some reason, this brand loves using Italian words for naming their lines and concepts.


The store also is especially particular about the sole of the shoes, and they express this by the another concept ARCO (another Italian word).

The core of concept is to make sole of the shoe as comfortable and easy to move as possible.

Due to this, the sole is soft and follows the shape of feet.


http://www.padrone.co.jp/item-category/ss16-arcolletta/ - here is the summer collection of this year.

Please, have a look.


The products of this store can be purchased only in two places online:





There are also variety of shops offline that sell their products:



And here is their blog, if you are interested :



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Some of their shoes are great. Pity they don't go up to all that large a size though :violin:

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Thank you Zenmarket for the last 11 items order I made that just arrived.
FANTASTIC packaging, amazing service quality. Thanks again I love you guys.
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Originally Posted by wakazuki View Post

Thank you Zenmarket for the last 11 items order I made that just arrived.
FANTASTIC packaging, amazing service quality. Thanks again I love you guys.

So... what did you get?

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