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Yes, I'm afraid that's a lot to swallow. . . .
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(with the exception of blazers, which should only be double breasted).
Suitable for wear to your office only if you generally use a compass instead of Microsoft Word. Adolfo Celi looked both elegant and villainous in his DB blazer in "Thunderball", but Bond still buried him at sea.
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I've seen reproductions of the Apparel Arts sketches.  Pronouncements like the one made by Amies are, to my thinking, useless, because they spring from no underlying aesthetic considerations, but are merely appeals to "tradition", which is a moving target at best.  At least Alan Flusser bases his judgements on his perceptions of symmetry and balance, and historical intent of a particular detail or another.
Well, I differ here. I like the idea of appealing to tradition and doing something just for the sake of tradition. Esp. such a thing as trivial as clothing. In fact, such is my reverance for tradition, in some respects, that I wouldn't ever think of putting quotation marks around the word, lest someone should gather that I think it a relative concept.
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[quote=Manton,08 Oct. 2004, 5:57]"I will go even further out on a limb and say that odd jackets should not be double breasted (with the exception of blazers, which should only be double breasted). How's that for hidebound and opinionated." [quote] Interesting thought, as my unusual success with the Anderson&Sheppard DB format is bringing on thoughts of a DB silk sportcoat, or even a tweed jacket-- neither of which would work from any other source.
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A cream silk works well in double-breasted, for semi-formal evenings. And I'll wear a black DB jacket with gray trousers. More casual jackets, such as tweeds, warrant the 3 button SB look in my opinion. Will
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sirgarnet-- If I can do so without inducing apoplexy, might I ask you to elaborate on your apparent aversion to ventless jackets? (This very morning, I collected two of my Oxxford SBs from Ernesto, having directed him to sew up the center vents.)
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Really casual tweeds definitely are for 3-button SB. I was thinking more of the hard-finish quasi-tweeds that suggest but do not imitate thornproof fabric for shooting wear.
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re: Single-breasted, peak lapel sport coat How about adding a vest in the same cloth? An antique-looking, non-suit cloth such as a pheasant eye or a small scale check might deflect the idea of a tuxedo coat torn out of context. For that matter, make a three piece tweedy suit with a single-breasted, peak label coat, and occasionally wear the pieces separated.
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