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The Watch Appreciation Thread - Part two (Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger LeCoultre, Baume & Mercier and more) - Page 158

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+1 ... could be an instant classic, especially given the pricing.

Also, @mildundklar, I've never been a big Santos guy ( and I do hope that's not a quartz biggrin.gif ) but I like Cartier as a brand, and I agree that piece makes for a great little combo with the Sub.

You can certainly cover a lot of ground with a pair of watches like that.
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Brief interruption to the excellent who-needs-a-calatrava-fest above (nice work!):

Favourite restaurant in London, special gift for my special woman. And I don't care how cheesy it is smile.gif

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VC small seconds and 47111 are inlove.gif
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Not cheesy at all, mimo:

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I haven't posted in some time, not since I purposed my Nomos Metro after some really great advice here, for which I again thank you. That watch was purchased as a remembrance of a much-loved aunt and uncle of my wife's, who left me a small inheritance that I used for the Metro. I just love it and may one day write up my thoughts on it.


In any case, my father passed away last year and I am shopping for another watch in his memory. I guess time-pieces really evoke memory for me, which I suppose shouldn't surprise me. He had an old Rolex DateJust that he left me in his will, but it was in terrible condition and in constant need of repair, so I sold it to Tourneau for trade-in value -- interestingly, they gave me a very good price, better than any other offer. But I didn't get much as it was very banged up and nothing was working right. Couldn't set the time or date, and the second hand was frozen.


I'm feeling inclined towards the IWC Portofino 8-day hand-wound, pictured here. It's a lot bigger than my Metro and way bigger than my old watch, a much-loved Hamilton Viewmaster. It's also black, which my father would have loved, but which I have some concerns about. So, I have two questions:


My wrist is 7.25/18cm -- is this watch too big for my wrist? In the store, it felt very comfortable, a lot more comfortable than I expected and much better than its cousin, the Portugierser hand-wound, which with its bulkier case and lugs felt like and SUV. I was surprised that it felt ok, but ok in the store and ok after a 12-hour day in the office and two different things.


So, do you think it's too big? Those of you who have it or similarly sized watches, do they hold up over the day? I am used to much smaller, lighter watches, but I do love the overall appearance and feel of this IWC piece.


Question 2: The black face seems a bit hard to read to me, especially in the Portofino, which has much thinner hands than the Portugieser. I've never had a black watch except for my father's Rolex, and I did find that a tad hard to read (and it had thicker hands that the Portofino). Would I be better off with the white version, which at least in the store seemed to read better.


I've pictured the Portofino and my Metro and would be grateful for your thoughts.


All the best,


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I would strongly advise against buying that IWC at retail pricing.

Subjectively, I think it's too big to have much use for dressy situations, but too fragile and baroque to be a good casual watch, either.

I prefer that lovely Nomos in every way, to the point where I'd consider the IWC to be a downgrade despite its much higher cost.

You did ask for opinions. wink.gif
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As an IWC fan, I have to say that's far from my favorite model, but from your post it sounds like you're in love with that particular IWC, which is by far the most compelling reason to get it. If you've done your research and looked at other brands/models (Belli is right, there are many many other great watches at that price point as well that are superior win many ways to that Portofino) and that particular Portofino sings to you the loudest, then I think you have your answer. Go with your heart on this, it's still a great watch and I don't think it looks too big on you FWIW.
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A watch is too big for you if the lugs overhang the edges of your wrist. That's not the case here. How much of your wrist's real estate you would like the watch to take is a matter of personal taste.

I agree with both of the above posters. The IWC does seem neither fish nor fowl, particularly in the black face. That said, watches have limited practicality in today's world and are emotional purchases. Go for it if it puts a smile on your face.
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Thanks for these comments and your candor, which is what I was looking for. I hadn't thought about the watch in terms of dress/casual wear (notwithstanding the office, which is professional), and you make a very good point. Part of the reason I am planning to buy a watch at Tourneau is that I have that trade-in allowance. And I've heard so many horror stories about buying a good watch online that I am wary of it. But your points are very well-taken and appreciated.

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That IWC is shite. Like eye bleeding bad.

Being in love is no compelling argument. Love goggles wear off, eventually. There has to be more substance than mere infatuation.

This IWC is better:

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Really appreciate the quick feedback from all of you and the encouragement to go with my heart. Insofar as my heart loves the look and feel of the Portofino but has reservations about the size (the color is less of an issue, as the white works for me), I suppose I should listen to that and shop some more. I don't want to find myself shifting about with it in the course of the day, which I suspect might happen.


Your points about the price range are also of value, in that there are indeed other watches out there in the $7500-10K range that I should try out, like the Glashutte Original 60s and maybe the Blancpain Villeret Slims. These are more conventional and would work well in the office or in synagogue, I think, and while dressier would I think be ok for Sunday brunch, too. Like I said, when I first tried it on, I was mostly thinking about a day in the office, probably because I went shopping right after a grueling day at the rock-pile.


My Metro is great, and is so unusual that it works for office or play, but it's a bit on the quirky side for weddings ...


Still going to consider the IWC, but keeping these points very much in mind as I shop. Any thoughts on the relative quality of the movements in the watches I've mentioned? I been a bit spoiled by my Metro, which even after 18 months is still running at 4-6 secs a day slow (when fully wound -- after 24 hours, performance drops a lot), which seems to me just amazing. How do the IWC, Glashutte, and Blancpain movements compare in terms of quality?


Thanks for these responses to all!

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Originally Posted by apropos View Post

This IWC is better:

5441? At about 5mm smaller, that would have been a very nice watch indeed.
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No doubt, the old IWC is more attractive ... but it's not available any longer and I can't buy what isn't available. For sure, being in love with the watch is no argument for it, but not being in love is a good argument against. Whether the Portofino is shite, as you say, seems to me arguable.


FWIW, I tried on the Portugieser cousins for some time in the store, including the 75th Anniversary model (a nice retro face in an oversized case). Though the case is listed as smaller by 2 mm, it feels much bigger and clunkier, probably because of the large lugs. That old IWC Portuguese you put up is a lot more elegant than the new ones.

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