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The Watch Appreciation Thread - Part two (Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger LeCoultre, Baume & Mercier and more) - Page 98

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After going through the three typical Rolex WIS stages (1. knowledge of the brand, 2. snobby dismissal of the brand in favour of "real high end" and 3. actually getting familiar with the brand and the tech and innovation they stand for) I finally let go of my misguided hostility towards Rolex.  Hopefully, I'll grow to appreciate the watch too, not just respect the brand :)


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I think something is wrong with your coffee...
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looks like a flat white to me.

Nothing wrong with it. You're exactly right, @sliq, it was a flat white. Delicious, too smile.gif
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Went to Minneapolis for work this week and did some watch window shopping.  My lovely colleagues have a penchant for Nordstrom and so I was stuck in the Mall of America for a couple of hours.  I did some homework before getting up there and found that the Ben Bridges there (I didn't know it was a chain) carried Rolex.  So I stopped in to have a look.  Tried on a no date Sub again.  I still haven't decided on a dive watch on top of not necessarily rushing into any purchase any time soon, but I did inquire about price.  They wouldn't budge at all, though I didn't push, and he even showed me their negotiating guidance and they're not to discount Subs at all.  I was sold the idea of no sale tax which is nice, but I also know that I could probably get a discount shopping around too.  


Then I had a look at their Bell & Ross offerings.  I hadn't handled a Bell & Ross before.  I like the BR03-92 with the green dial as well as the new Desert Type.  They didn't have either of them but they had another BR03-92 and I was able to try one of those on.  42mm was quite large on my 7" wrist.  I wouldn't call it a deal breaker, but it'd take some getting used to.  The watch isn't high on my list at all and I'm not sure I'll ever own one, but I've always been a bit curious.  Before I left the SA, who was great by the way, gave me the current Bell & Ross catalogue for free which was nice.  It's a nice book that's coffee table worthy.


I was able to convince my colleagues to head to the North Loop on another evening and we stopped at MartinPatrick3.  It's a nice shop, especially for a market like Minneapolis, and it's well curated but a lot of what they had could be found elsewhere.  What I loved though was a shop within the shop and that was Filigree Jewelers.  They had a really nice little room that for me was the highlight of the overall shop.  Not sure if it's their only location and I got the impression it's more of a pop up shop.  Either way they had a nice little collection of vintage.  They had a case full of Elgin and Walthams which while not my thing I can understand.  However they also had a case of Rolex, Panerai, etc.  They had a Rolex GMT Pepsi that had a nice faded bezel that was coupled with being in amazing condition.  I was told their entire inventory wasn't out yet, that they'll be online soon and that they source about five watches per week.  Anyway, probably worth a visit if you're into vintage at all and you're in the area. 



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Thanks. I would be buying to wear it in regular rotation. They are asking $9K, but "entertaining all offers." I am thinking of offering $4800. Worst that can happen is they decline.


Curious as to how that played out.  


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Haven't been around the watch scene in a little while, but still stay up to date. Been reading about the state of the industry, and it appears - thankfully - that we may have hit "peak watch," and we are regressing in terms of pricing.

I am finally starting to feel the itch again. Haven't bought a watch since the MUT Moon in... 2013?

Hope all is well around here, may have to start posting in these parts again.


I've not been following watches enough to say conclusively, but I think any regression in pricing is in it's infancy.


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Bummed I missed this today on Hodinkee's shop.


They do go quickly.  From what I could tell one of them went in minutes this week.  


I thought that Wittnauer looked nice.  Condition was amazing and that Hodinkee strap helped as well.  

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Tried on a no date Sub again...they wouldn't budge at all.


Unless the quoted price is already inflated, I've never known anyone quote more than about 5% off list for a steel Sub - even the greys barely move, so not worth discarding the AD warranty maybe.  The only trick available is with currency moves or sales tax if you're lucky.


Anyway, I think it's fair to say for the say of a few per cent, that you are never going to lose on a steel Rolex.

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I'll not be the one doing the buying, I'm just 'consulting' for two different ladies (hence the big spread in budget), and since I haven't really researched ladies watches all that much, I'm looking for recommendations here as I'm sure there must be stuff out there (at both price points) that I'm not aware of.

Since most of what I've found (especially at the lower end) is disappointing aesthetically, I'm hoping for some better looking suggestions. At the higher end it's easier to find something desirable, but apart from the stuff already mentioned (Rolex, Patek, Tank and Reverso) it would still be interesting to hear about specific alternatives that someone here likes, that I might have missed.

Thanks for your thoughts in the other thread :-)

My somewhat off-beat recommendation would be: the Hermès Cape Cod.

Pretty sure they are *cough* quartz only, but I do find the design appealing for a ladies' watch, and of course with this particular piece ... it's really more about the strap.

And they retail around $3K, which is either splitting the difference, or possibly no-man's land-- depending on how you look at things. Generally speaking, "people with ovaries" will probably recognize and likely appreciate this brand. YMMV.

As a side note, I also personally like the Slim d'Hermès for gents as well. Of course, you've got the whole "not really a watchmaker" thing to deal with, and I can't recall if we have really discussed this one here on TheWAT ... but I consider myself a fan, based on what I've seen online.
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Originally Posted by BLAUGRANA View Post

Curious as to how that played out.

They countered at $7K shipped overnight and I declined. My max was $5K, so, as mimo said, it was not meant to be.
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The first 24 hour Sub-C ownership report - it's a fine watch indeed, all the Rolex Coolaid drinkers were definitely onto something.  It definitely relays the sense of solidly built automata and will probably stand to years of normal (careful, but not obsessively so) use nicely.  The handsome brushed finish will certainly help to hide the small marks and scratches.  The bracelet is a mixed bag so far - the Glidelock design is undoubtedly a brilliant idea but the bulky clasp housing that comes with it I could easily do without.  Not that it's very uncomfortable but I am much more aware of it than my other metal bracelet watches.  Another funny thing about the bracelet - I actually had to put a bit of silicone lube onto the mounting points where the bracelet joins case and the clasp - they had a low but perceptible squeal of steel on steel when the watch shifted slightly with the wrist movement. That one puzzled me a bit - not that it's a major thing but I haven't seen this on my other watches and definitely didn't expect this from such a high quality watch maker.

Another point that will take some time to get used to - the caseback sticks out a fair bit causing the watch sit a bit high on the wrist.  It's not absurdly high or anything but coupled with the fairly wide lugs this may be a problem for some people with smaller wrists, at least I notice it on mine having got used to watches that sink nicely into the wrist.  The higher watch stance can make it slightly less "stable" on the wrist and make it shift a tiny bit more, creating a feeling of a top-heavy watch or making the bracelet move against the skin on the sides which I don't mind all that much but definitely notice.  I am really nit-picking right now though, none of these "negative" points are really significant, but since I have had the watch only for 24 hours I am describing what catches my eye from the get-go.


The lume is awesome - definitely longer lasting of all my watches and oh so pretty :)  Since it's my first watch with a cyclope, my brain still unconsciously id's it as a foreign object on the dial when I see it at a casual glance (not intentionally looking).  I'll get used to that, I imagine.  The magnification and the "black hole" effect on the date window are really nice though, I often use the date and with every passing year I appreciate larger, easier to read things more and more.  The bezel turning is crisp and precise, with a sharp and pleasant tactile response.  No doubt, this will save many a frozen pizza from accidental burning in the oven :)  


If I could change whatever I wanted on the sub I'd do the following - flatter caseback, possibly lower profile of the Glidelock clasp and a smoother bracelet with slightly chamfered edges of the links to increase comfort.  But, all these are minor points and if I had to give up all but just one watch the Sub would be a very strong contender to stay.

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Does anybody have any experience with Zenith watches? I came across this piece which I quite like but am unsure if they are worth the money. Any information appreciated.



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Originally Posted by Keith T View Post

My somewhat off-beat recommendation would be: the Hermès Cape Cod.
Thanks for the recommendation Keith, I'll take a look at it (and I'll take a look at the Slim d'Hermès as well).
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Originally Posted by hindi ako View Post

Does anybody have any experience with Zenith watches? I came across this piece which I quite like but am unsure if they are worth the money. Any information appreciated.

Slightly underappreciated nowadays, but 50's and 60's very much on par with Omega and Rolex, both quality and innovation. 70's digital trend and general industry nosedive affected them, also. Early 70's pieces are still great value (between $500-1$k you get a lot of watch), also less forgeries than Omega (everyone wants a vintage Omega nowadays).

Watchuseek has a very good Zenith subforum.
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Only experience I have with Zenith is with a modern El Primero variation. Which I love. The brand has some great horological chops, although many have observed that they seemingly lost their way a bit with the oversized / open-worked trend, design-wise. And I agree. Some hits for sure in the new millenium, but also quite a few misses.

I have really fancied a couple of their Pilot chrono variants over the last say, 5 years. And the Striking 10th is pretty impressive to me from a technical standpoint. But as kimmo points out, they *are* underappreciated, especially in the U.S.

Having said that, I would not be able to speak specifically about the watch you have posted here, or its value, other than to say it looks like a classically-sized (and -styled) piece for the 70s - 80s era. And the date seems to be changing just slightly ahead of midnight teacha.gif
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P.S. I enjoyed reading your mini-review of the ceramic Sub, Igor01. Congrats on a great pick up, and thanks for sharing some of the characteristics that you found less than perfect.

Hope that you enjoy the next 24 hours of ownership, and the 24 after that, and so on.
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Hi watch men! I am kind of new to watches and am hoping for some advice.

Say I have up to $2,000 to spend. And let's assume I don't want to be busy buying watches again for a while, perhaps forever.

Should I:

A- Buy one super-versatile watch in the 1500-2000 range (say a brand like Tag or similar)....


B- Buy five or six different watches, each in the 150-650 range (say brands like Orient, Bulova, Seiko, Hamilton, Tissot, etc) with designs that cover the spectrum?

Whichever option you prefer, I would love to hear some ideas.

Thanks in advance!
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@mosy choose option c, save a few more bucks and buy something like an omega speedmaster

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@mosy that's such an open question, but...I never let an enabling opportunity slip by.  I wouldn't go for the second option, because if you've got $2k for toys, it seems a shame to only ever have a $200 watch.  Not that there's anything wrong with a $200 watch, or a $100 watch for that matter, but as you have the option to scale up, take it.


For $2k there are some incredible used options.  Personally I've been ogling a mint Black Bay at about that price.  But perhaps you can give us a little idea of who you are and what you like?  Do you wear a suit and tie for work?  Like straps or bracelets?  What do you already have?

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