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For Sale:
RLPL 100% cashmere robe | medium

Will Ship To: U.S.

The height of construction and quality is yours with this pure cashmere robe from RL Purple Label (highest range). This is the softest, finest pure cashmere fabric I have ever felt. 48" length, 42" chest from seam to seam, 33/34 sleeves. Original sash. I want to call the color royal purple. It takes on a lively purple in natural light, and a muted shade in the dark.

Because of the moth damage, I'm calling the condition fair. There are no stains, odors or other detectable flaws otherwise. Please look at the pics to base your purchase decision on. Please ask all necessary questions before sale to avoid a return... In detail: there are some bites that don't go all the way through on some areas like the sleeve and inside collar (see pics). There are a few small holes in one area near the bottom, on the inside of the pockets (see pics) and a couple other areas I may have missed.

Payment via Paypal or Google Wallet. Shipping will be $6.80.