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Hi all,

I have owned Obenaufs Oil and Cream for my Wolverine 1K's, but recently saw some Tan Wolverine boots that I really wanted but didn't like the bright yellow/tan color on them.  Took a chance and purchased them anyway after reading that Leather Honey would change the color a lot more than any other leather treatment.


note: my Brown Wolverine 1000 boots from 2yrs past turned a very dark brown with just Obenauf cream and about 200 days of wear.  You might even think they are black from afar.  So, figured a yellow tan color would be nice brown at the end.




These are the boots brand new here:   way too yellow for my taste, but soft buttery smooth Horween leather is perfect.


Than I put 2 coats of Honey Leather conditioner from Amazon website:  Very pleasant intense brown now and I am very happy with color change. 



Finally, wore them at least 15 times and put another 2 coats on them in hopes of getting them slightly darker: