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Style Question - Checked shirt w/ pinstripe suit

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Can one wear a checked shirt that has either large or small checks against white background with a pinstriped suit or is that proibido?

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Looks fine to me, though I'd probably go with a solid tie, and in any case, not that one. The main thing to watch for with pattern mixing is changing the scales - i.e. no 1/2" striped shirt with a 1/2" striped jacket, etc.
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You can do anything you want as long as it looks good. That combination above doesn't look very good
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Because the suit, shirt and tie all have different paterns it looks "messy". Not my cup of tea.
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I would take a solid tie too. I would be prudent with a striped tie with a striped suit.
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Solid or simple-patterned tie. The scale of the checks is a little similar to that of the stripes, but it doesn't look bad, at least to my eye.
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Check and stripe are too close for comfort IMO.

Combining checks are stripes can be done, but I'm not convinced the example pcitured does it particularly well. Try a "graph paper" sized check rather than the bigger one you're using.

It's easier combining windowpane suits with striped shirts (largely because the windowpane is usually wide enough to cope with almost any shirt stripe).
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i agree...for the most part when wearing a checked shirt with a striped suit i will go with a smallish check - i suppose maybe this works better to my eye because the shirt can almost be treated as a solid. i have, more rarely, worn a gingham patterned shirt with a striped suit but have to be careful with this.

i either use a solid tie with these combinations or a tie that has a lot of ground and a wide-spaced pattern
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+ what has been said already. Try a bowtie instead.
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You can wear checks and stripes.
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For me, the real issues is that I don't like the color of that shirt with the shirt or the tie.
+1 on the proposal for smaller check
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Your not really supposed to mix style when it comes to suits and shirts, but this outfits looks modest enought to me. I would go with a solid color tie though to cut back on the distracting look a bit.
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Shirt and suit work fine in your pic. Tie not so much - maybe a solid or small-patterned tie? wool/cashmere tie would work well IMO
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triple post!

I'm not used to wearing suits/ties beyond funeral/interview/wedding situations, where I traditionally have worn solid shirts. would like to try something different for a wedding this weekend. Saturday night in the city, but certainly not black tie or black tie optional. want to wear something with a little more flavor/fun.

would this shirt work with this suit? blue or orange ties the best?

click able:

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Red tie on the end.
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