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Please Critique My Shirt

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This is my third order from Indochino. I think I'm getting closer....

They are running a sale this week so and need everyone's advice to make my next order perfect. 



These are the adjustments I plan to make on the shirt below:

Neck +.25

Shirt Sleeve Length +..25

Wrist +.25 (unbuttoned in the picture)


I would like to know what other adjustments I should make to reduce the billowing at the waist and back.


Thanks in advance!








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Do not know the maker or the price, I guess is low cost.


As shirtmaker I say,


The front seems good for what I read on similar post as you, in fact way better than usual.


Could be improved narrowing the shoulder width, ( note you will have to compensate the sleeve lenght)


that might reduce the bulk on the back scye and also might improve the sleeve pitch.


reduce the waist a bit.


This shirt looks better than some of so called “best” European bespoke shirtmakers I exposse most of the time that also might cost 3-5 times more.

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not bad
you need a left low adjustment if they can do that.
also add darts to the back to reduce the back fullness
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