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thats the black one - i got the navy one from Maison studios in Italy. 

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contact Just One Eye. they had the all black safari jacket in stock and are doing 80% warehouse sale right now. They are based in LA but i bet if you throw them some money they will ship it to you

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Yeah I emailed and haven't heard back, I'll try and call tomorrow.
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Some shots of the Hook Parka from Antic Boutik, couldnt see this very well in the lookbook, very simple but quite a nice piece.


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very nice piece,love the interesting fastenings/buttons OAMC manages to include on their jackets.



but the jacket i think i will pick out from this season is the bonded peacoat. 

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The cropped patch pants look reaallllly good.

I'm waiting for the insert rollneck first, which they told me will be delivered late July/early august. Once I've got that I can figure out what else I need, but cropped patch pants, flight sweater, flight pants, mohair panel sweatshirt are all musts. The articulated shirt jacket is amazing but is probably too much money for me.

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the articulation down shirt is beautiful, doesnt make sense for me to buy tho as its pricey and im only in cold weather conditions maybe a week or 2 of the year at most. 


Ive got too many oamc pants at this point, but Im really liking the dark grey colorway they got this season so Ill probably go for that. 


Kind of wanted to pick up a blazer this season b/c im loving the himal suit, but too loud for my taste this season 

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+1 on the Flight Sweaters and Mockneck. If I didn't have so much Veilance, that Jacquard Blouson would be in my wardrobe already. 


Not sure if it's my Communist heritage but can I get someone's opinion on the Down Officer Coat? 

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ughh love this thread, veilance is my 2nd favorite brand. idk, the officer down coat looks good as a piece but dont know how wearable it is. too much michellin man vibes for me. the hand painted eagle on the back is nice tho. 

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The officer down coat is a nice piece, especially with the hand painted eagle but not something I would wear. There is some nice painted/jacquard stuff in the SS17 collection too, I really like SS17 a lot.


I have been really liking this look but havent seen any of the pieces available yet, not in those colours anyway.



Footwears looking pretty nice for this season too, I would really like to see the Compression Boot... this dark red they have on the shoe

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@Maxwellll the compression boots went up on dope factory a few days ago.

And the black ones are at collette, along with the bonded wool coat from the look you posted.
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Yeah those pics are from Dope Factory and Colette ;)


Colette has the navy Bonded Blouson already and I think I saw UnionLA has the Jacquard? but I am going to be fussy and pick the black one :p

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Yeah I feel you. I need the blue insert roll neck and only 2 places ordered it in my size, and only 1 place ordered the mohair panel crewneck in the couloir I want in my size. I'm checking those 3 shops multiple times a day, waiting to pounce.
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It can be an anxious wait to see where buys what, or colourways pop up that you hadnt seen yet


Some favourites from SS17 while im here


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I think im going to pass on shoes from this season, because Im really loving the snakeskin accents they put on the footwear in SS17. Clothing wise SS17 wasnt doing it for me as much as FW16 is. 

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