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Nice editorial by Roden Grey, was in .pdf for whatever reason so I have uploaded them here




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that llama blouson drool.gif
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Insert Rollneck is finally here, for 600 Euros (!!)


But it's the only place I can find it and still no blue :/


I'm starting to really like the Paix Fram shirts a lot too:


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Yeh those Paix shirts are quite nice, like a Marni pattern.

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Just picked up a pair of the MARA boots in black. I went TTS/0.25 size up. I hope they work out. If they don't they'll be in my sig soon.
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You'll be fine. I went true to size in mine and they are fine. A little tight in the toe just because of how the leather is but once it wears in they should be perfect (only worn twice so far).

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The jacquard long shirt jacket/overshirt is dope, wish it was a different color though, not feeling the camo personally but it's still nice

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Mara boots + Racoon onesie

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How is the sizing on the sneakers?

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Which ones? I haven't tried any this season, but all of the ones I've tried in the past fit about 1 - 1/2 size big.
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I found the oamc sneakers from SS16 and fw15 to be TTS. I just tried on, but did not buy in both cases.
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^I remembering ordering the pair from SS15? that had the straps at the heel and they ended up fitting 2 sizes up :/ I ordered 41 because everywhere I asked said they fit TTS but they ended up fitting more like US10s. I heard they fixed their sizing though.

To the people talking about the Safari jacket earlier... I have it in olive. Definitely one of my favourite pieces they've put out. Only complaints are that one corner of one pocket was defected and not stitched down properly and that one of the metal rings composing the strap system popped out when the cord snagged on something and pulled on the ring too hard (it wasn't even that hard). I just ended up sewing a patch of fabric over the hole. Can't really complain though since I got it 75% off satisfied.gif

Edit - they were the 8000 sneakers.
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Some stuff on Farfetch is part of their "invite only" 20% sale.
I was gonna grab the blue drop shirt but my size isn't discounted (even though Dope Factory has their stock on ff). Dove shirt, feather shirt, feather sweater, red mohair panel sweater etc are all 20% off though
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gettin rid of my fw15 shearling if anyone is interested, got a job somewhere not cold at all :I

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Originally Posted by Maxwellll View Post
I would really like to see the Compression Boot... this dark red they have on the shoe




... :)


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