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Ozwald boteng suits

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I may be going to london and was thinking about stopping over to savile row and have a ozwald boteng suit tailored for me.I was just wondering if anyboy in here have experience with his suits? Is the cut roomy or slim? how are the quality of fabrics and such? etc. etc. Any input would be appreciated
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Boateng's house cut is generally slim. Materials are a little OTT. The ready-to-wear range used to be made by Chester Barrie (the old Chester Barrie company has folded, and I suspect that The Cheshire Clothing Company now makes them).
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As I understand Boateng is more of a designer/stylist/couturier who almost certainly outsources much of his work. I suppose that if you are looking for more flambuoyant designs then Boateng may be a good choice. I do not know what Boateng's silhouette is like. I believe that British tailors prefer worsteds and (as I agree) judge a cloth by more than just a number such as Super 120s. They refer to fabrics in ounces, and to them the weight of the fabric is essential in determining whether a particular fabric is appropriate for a garment which you have in mind. Some people(myself included) say that some of the "new and trendy" tailors should be avoided since their designs are based on the latest styles and fashions which almost certainly will not last long. If you are looking for a tailor then perhaps one of the following may be a better choice: Henry Poole, which is said to be one of the few Savile Row firms that still does all manufacturing on Savile Row. Kilgour French Stanbury Maurice Sedwell This suit is my preferred style:
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I don't know whether Chester Barrie ever made Osvald Boateng suits, the current crop of ready-to-wear (called "bespoke couture", why I don't know) is made in Germany and is a fused, middle of the road suit (at superior prices). You can also have your suit made to measure. It will be produced by one of the workshops on or off Savile Row. If you like the style and have the readies available, go ahead. I agree with banksmiranda that, considering this price range, you probably will be better off with a less fashionable suit. Boateng suits favour "hard" and shiny fabrics with lots of mohair and iridescent materials. They certainly are not understated.
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The other option, of course, is to go somewhere that blends a little bit of "modern" with traditional tailoring - Timothy Everest in Spitalfields springs to mind. His suits also have the advantage of being slightly cheaper than the others mentioned on the list (btw, I would also add Dege & Skinner to the Savile Row list above). P.S. To BS Re. Chester Barrie and Boateng - check out
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