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2 weeks in Gent, Belgium

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I'm travelling in a couple of weeks. I will be based in Gent/ Ghent, staying near the university and will be occupied for about half the time, I guess. Any recommendations for eating, drinking (coffee, not booze), sight seeing and shopping please?
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No one? smile.gif
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Anyway I'm in Gent. Yesterday I had the famed Belgian fries at 't Blauw Kotje. Tonight, it's all you can eat ribs at De Gekroonde Hoogden. Hitting the gym for 4 h ours before then LOL
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If you haven't eaten enough meat yet, the steak tartare at the Café Theatre is great, and has been voted among the best in Belgium. I get to Gent about once a year, but rarely remember the names of the places I eat. You've probably heard about the waterzooi soup which the town is famous for.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I had three portions of ribs at Gekroonde Hoogden and ending up being full for two days. I'm not that fond of the deep fried frituur stuff including the Bicky burgers, fries are good though.
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If you want to shop, you're much better off in Antwerp. It's very easy by train. If you have some free days you can also visit Brussels & Bruges. A day for each is enough.

Since you've already been to a frituur, other good Belgian dishes you can try: stoverij, vol-au-vent, Gentse waterzooi. Can't personally recommend you places to eat these things at cause I always eat these typical dishes homemade. Maybe you can try Pakhuis in Gent? I've never been but it's on my to-do list cause I like the location. Also heard good things about 't oud clooster, Coeur d'Artichaut. A lot of people also like Mosquito Coast. I've only been once and didn't think the food was special but maybe I was just unlucky with what I ordered (it was the Lasagne Verde, so don't order that one if you decide to go). The interior is pretty cool though and there are some couches where you can enjoy drinks like coffee, thee.

Like Ixelles mentioned already, steak tartare at Café Theatre. Haven't tried it myself but have heard good things about the one they serve over there.

Also, chocolate. Seriously, before I started travelling and tasted chocolate in other countries I never really understood why Belgian chocolate was so famous, but now I understand.

If you want to try some candy from Ghent: Cuberdons, or like we call them 'neuzekes' ( You can find 2 stalls on the Groentenmarkt that sell these. It's a weird view because they are right next to each other. In the past they have even gotten into a fight (called neuzekesoorlog by the media, translated: neuzekes war).

Maybe you can visit Vooruit cafe for a coffee? It's not 'cozy' in my opinion, but it's an important building in Ghent (culture center, events).

Sight seeing: The old center is small, but my favourite views: From Korenlei looking to Graslei, from Sint Michiels bridge (Korenlei on the right, Graslei on the left of the river), from up the Gravensteen. Just walk around the city center, Patershol, ...


Note: written from the perspective of a 23 year old.

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Thanks very much for the suggestions. I had stoverij last night at Klokhuys and enjoyed it. I'm having lunch today at Karel de Stoute. I'll try to try your suggestions in the few remaining days; Oud Clooster is already on the list.

Coffee is generally good in Gent. Or Coffee is very good and has some award winning baristas there. But I'll give Vooruit a try. I

I've done quite a bit of walking around during the weekends, the place is very scenic.
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Karel de Stoute was very good - Michelin standard. I also went to 't Oud Clooster for their signature brochettes. Today I had roast chicken at Chix rotisserie which was good but very pricey compared to your average rotisserie places/ food trucks.

I went to Brugge for a day trip and had a good meal at Bistro den Huzar. It's much more touristy than Gent.
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