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Hey guys, for those of you who were at the NYC Trunk Show in November, you got to meet Jeremy, a friend and upstairs neighbor of mine, at our booth. He kicked off his new men's fragrance and apothecary brand The Rich + Clean that weekend, and I have to say I'm a huge fan, and not just because he's a friend.

Below is my take, but if you want a real writer's perspective on what he does, check this out:

Much like Yellow Hook Neckties started, he is making all of his soaps, lotions, hand sanitizers and other men's centric grooming products in his apartment, in a special lab he built, on the 5th floor of our building. This stuff is amazing, and the scents are just perfect. Not too strong, not to floral and just right for men who do denim or suit up on a daily basis. Before I got a chance to sample his goods this summer, I went out to Le Labo and purchased 2 very expensive bottles of their men's scents for me to use throughout the school year. Well, I think I used one of them once since I started using his soaps and lotions (which took the place of cologne in my daily routine).

His main soaps are a Japanese Peppermint, Black Clay and Clove, Vetiver, and a Juniper Berry and are what I use every day in the shower. He also has a Grey Matter Body Wash which is the same basic scent as his Triple Thick Lotion and a wide range of other grooming products. I'm aware it's not cheap, but if you sign up for his emails, you get 25% off, AND you get the knowledge that this stuff is old school hand crafted, made by one man, in his apartment. And it's good. I hope you guys take the opportunity to check out his site at and give a shout out to Jeremy here @TheRichandClean . He's a good dude, a family man, and incredibly talented. Glad to call him a friend.

Yellow Hook is also planning to do an exclusive collab with him in the future as well on soap and hopefully a lotion at some point down the road. here are some shots of the work we did in the lab together recently towards this:

And some shots from the show:

Hope you guys give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.
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