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San Francisco seasons don't tend to stick to their prescribed months; you can get all four of them in the span of a week. So although there are some traditionally spring/summer fabrics mixed in here, this does represent what I wear from October - March as Tweedy requested. Colors are a bit more on the F/W side of things even if all of the fabrics aren't, and since I don't even own five odd jackets there's a plain-ol' suit mixed in there too.

Drake's Donegal Herringbone

Erredieci Wool Block Stripes

Drake's Wool Stripes

Dunhill London Wool Repp

Vanda Donegal Solid

Burnt Orange Alternates (Click to show)

Panta Cotton/Silk Neat

Panta Alternate (Click to show)

Unknown Wool Plaid

Peer Gordon Silk Neat

Brown Neat Alternate (Click to show)
Cheated here and added another suit since I only wear this tie with suits.

Peter Millar Silk/Linen Medallion

Exquisite Trimmings Shantung Repp

Shantung Alternate (Click to show)

Wool/Silk Pocketsquares
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Dumping pictures from phone, will edit and fill in text. Lighting never comes out well for me. Jackets are from my tailor and are as follows (ties are Hobers):

(1) Navy blazer made of Harrisons 13 ounce worsted flannel (paired with brown and dark red neats)
(2) Brown herringbone tweed (paired with blue wool neat and olive green wool tie)
(3) Blue (with a hint of grey) Donegal from Porter and Harding Thornproof (paired with brown cashmere and burgundy cashmere / grenadine)
(4) Guncheck jacket from Porter and Harding Hartwist (paired with navy and burnt orange wool solids)
(5) Dark green corduroy jacket from Holland and Sherry cotton book (paired with rust wool neat and burgundy pindot)

NB: Will be trying to get some better photos shortly.

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As stated by Tweedy, I'm travelling right now with a limited wardrobe, and wouldn't be able to put together a definitive and consistently-photographed 10/5 collection for at least another three weeks. So I thought I would raid the archive instead and see what it spits out.


Winters are generally mild in Sydney; a little more bitey in Melbourne, which gives me a chance to wear some warmer jackets. Overall though, in the winter months a well-dressed Melbournian would probably be turned out in colours and textures more associated with the North American fall.



SC: Canali




SC: Pal Zileri




SC: SuitSupply




Moving into the warmer months, I tend to employ simpler blocks, perhaps with more colour contrast. Even small splashes of colour will sparkle in the very direct Southern Hemisphere sunlight.


SC: Canali




SC: vintage (colours more accurately represented below)



As you can see, I like patterned jackets a lot. In fact I like patterns a lot. Only one solid (navy) jacket in this bunch, although the small-scale houndstooth of the Pal Z does tend to resolve to solid at a distance.


My SF participation has taught me to use solids more frequently; previously I don't think I owned a single solid tie. The above gallery features no less than four (if you include the slubby). Neats are over-represented here; I do own quite a few repps and have been pressing them into service more frequently of late.

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Originally Posted by Coxsackie View Post

SC: SuitSupply

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Quick bookkeeping. Have all invited posters posted? Please pm me if you haven't.
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Ok, I have two more coming up this evening or tomorrow, after which we'll probably open this up to everyone in the next few days.


Other "kick off" posters, please submit soon or at least enter a comment that you can edit later.

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@gazman70k  assures me he'll post something, though he travels a bit.


@Leaves  I saw an interesting fabric today on someone's IG. :smarmy:

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My thanks to TweedyProf, both for inviting me and for allowing me a few suits (as a few of you know I’m mostly a suit guy).


I had originally hoped not to duplicate too closely what’s already been posted and said.  For example, I agree entirely (as I’m sure we all do) with the discussion upthread about the usefulness of solid ties if wearing patterned jackets, and had hoped not to post any solid ties so as not to belabor an already established point.  Alas I’m really pressed for time right now, so I have had to go with what I have available, and thus a couple of solid ties are included here. 


In each case the first jacket/suit outfit is something I’ve already posted, mostly over on WAYWRN.   It will then be followed by a second photo of the jacket taken yesterday with a different tie.   Spoilered at the end will be a few shots of some of my collection for the amusement of the brethren.  Finally, let me acknowledge that photographic quality isn’t up to the highest standard:   all photos were taken with my Canon PowerShot 95 point-and-shoot.


(1)  The last thing this thread needs is more herringbone tweed, especially given the beautiful examples already posted but it’s getting some anyway.  Sorry.

A very rustic tweed jacket worn first with a brown knit tie and then with a wool houndstooth.


 Close-up of tie:





(2)  While part of a three-piece suit as shown here, I wouldn’t hesitate to wear this heavy tweed jacket with different trousers (sans vest, of course); that’s more easily doable with country tweed than with other fabrics, of course.  Shown first with a burgundy grenadine and then in a less countrified setting with a burgundy neat/medallion challis.



Close-up of tie:





(3)  A lighter tweed (both in weight and color) worn first with a sold brown tie and then with a wool plaid.





(4)  While again part of a suit, I also wouldn’t hesitate to wear this very heavy and nappy flannel jacket with patch pockets as an odd jacket (cream or winter white flannel comes to mind for the trousers; or, perhaps even better, corduroy in the same range of colors).  Shown first with a very dusty-finished madder-like neat, and then with a Drake’s grenadine for a very slightly less countrified look.




Close-up of tie:





(5)  Well, I doubt I could convince North Americans to wear this flannel-like suit coat as an odd jacket, but I might have some success with a few of our older English members, where striped 'blazers' are not unknown;  imagine it with dark trousers.   Shown first with a large-scale paisley and then, a bit less flamboyantly, with a wool neat.






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@Academic2 , clearly you need more ties in your collection.

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It's like an episode of Menswear Hoarders up in here.
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Originally Posted by Coxsackie View Post

@Academic2 , clearly you need more ties in your collection.



Originally Posted by jcmeyer View Post

It's like an episode of Menswear Hoarders up in here.


Sorry, gentlemen.  I have just deleted the material in question since despite being spoilered it was, alas, showing up in the 'Gallery', which as indicated was not my intention.




Ac :)

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Dammit, I missed the "material in question"!
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@Academic2, please send me that burgundy madder.  Thank you.

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Ok so final days of curation. I think I can announce






as posting in the very near future. This will give us a nice set of perspectives. The remaining kick-off posters are heartily invited to update, add, comment, or post, both now and in the future.


For example, having done a few exchanges (old ties out, new ties in), I might add this or its sibling into the mix (@Murlsquirl this is similar to the Hober challis I think you like above from Ac2; PM if you are interested in the source):



It's more burgundy irl...perhaps _AMD will also demonstrate its use.

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​On imminent opening of thread


I'll soon announce the opening of the thread to all members of SF. Thanks for your patience, but hopefully, you've appreciated the first set of posters as presenting a nice, varied set of examples, for thought, inspiration, and instruction. I know I've benefited on all three fronts.


I'm aiming for Friday, to hopefully give the stragglers a few more days. Please look for announcement here and in various threads.


Also, keep an eye out for the S/S edition some months down the road...

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