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The beginnings of a shoe collection

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Hi guys,


Keeping in mind I'm still in my last year of undergrad and soon to join the workforce in front office finance as a full-time, what are your thoughts on my current collection and what I can add over the next few years. Also note that I-banking can be very conservative. As such, would you guys think a shoe with slight patina or antiquated leather (like Edward Green's cloud calf) would be too showy for a 1st year Analyst?


Top right -> Clockwise

Edward Green 888 Gladstone

Crockett & Jones 348 Edgware

Crockett & Jones 348 Hallam

Carmina Alcudia Adelaide



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Those are very nice shoes for a first year on the job, not to mention for an undergrad student. You'll be fine - but I think you should expect to wear black shoes almost every day, so plan your next pair accordingly.
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Yeah that's a good point, but even if I go grab another black one sometime later, would you recommend a derby or single monk just for the sake of diversity?

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Maybe a black plain toe for dressy evening functions?

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Um, looks like a pretty good shoe collection for a grad student to me. You could probably get away with something in a brown museum though if you wanted to add some diversity.
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I would go with a wholecut, something like

Or perhaps a dress boot that you can wear in bad weather.
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Very impressive for an undergraduate student, you will add more over time. No need to purchase any more shoes unless it is a great price.  The only thing I would recommend more is a shoe tree for that C&J without a shoe tree.

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I agree. Kudos to you on the shoe collection. I can tell, you got the bug.
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Those are all very dressy/formal shoes. I'd say you need something a touch more casual, and it'd be good if it were a boot (for rainy days etc.): Dark-or-mid brown calf wingtip, dark-or-mid brown calf semi-brogue, or dark brown suede plain toe or stitch cap.

P.S. All four of your pairs are nice.
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1st year analyst? Stop pimping shoes.

Get more black shoes. Consider traveling shoes as well.

Stay put before you show up at working in full menswear mode.
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