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Okay newbie here...


I took these pics before I joined the forum. I see now that more lighting and distance was needed.  Also, took the from closer to forehead height not ribcage. Took pics with a variey of jackets to illustrate the issue….the same issueI’ve had with every single OTH jacket regardless of going up a size(sometime even 2 sizes)…tight under the armpits, shoulder dimple and the lapel will not lay flat. Again, I do not broad shoulders.


I had the stripped jacket taken out at the sides and taken in some in the mid section and...the lapel still doesn't lay flat but now with some weird slack right under the armpits


















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Links don't work.
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Dude, you're diesel. You're gonna have to go MTM.
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Seriously, I've tried on a hundred jackets in the last five years. Two fit well. You're in the same boat.
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Damn...that sucks. I've actually lost 15 - 20lbs partially to get into some nice clothes. I have issue with pants too (no skinny...ever)


Question - someone recommended for the time being, to wear jackets that fit in the shoulders and waist and just go the unbuttoned look. I get compliments with that look but REALLY??? Anyone ever here of such a recommendation?


Oh and Veremund - one recommendation that I did get was to try GAP, yes GAP lol for a casual sportcoat. I am short 5'7" too and there jackets run almost chopped and unconstructed so it drapes well. Best fitting jacket ever and it's a size small.:puzzled:

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Another question. where's the place to take out a jacket, the sides or the middle back seam? Taking out the sides of my jacket (pics later) did little but added loose fabric under the arms. I am wondering if the back seam would have been the better way to go or if the tailor even did the process right. He simply marked on the jacket right side in on the sides and said come back tomorrow. I figured it being only partially deconstructed he would flip it inside out, put it on me, maybe even do my measurements???

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Hey, if it fits, it doesn't matter what the tag says.

When you do go try on jackets again, wear a proper dress shirt. And tuck it in. And don't settle for stuff that fits so so. You don't need six mediocre fitting jackets. You need one or two perfect ones.
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You are completely right. But for me, I like to dress pretty casual and a jacket dresses it up nicely so I would like a few. If I could only get one to fit, I'd be willing to send that in, to have more made just like that one.


FYI, I only have 2 suits, none of which fit great lol and will be taking some of these you see here back to the store I just need some direction to go after that.

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I think I'll start another thread about general fitment too. My jackets always feel like they're trying to fall backwards if that makes sense.

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