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Eyeglasses lindberg??

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I may have to get glasses. Asking the learned fellow posters for opinions. -
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Theo out of Belgium is cool.
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i found a really attractive pair in venice at a small optician named danilo carraro..check it out at they make their frames which cannot be bough here other online from them
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For price/value ratio, Eye-eye Denmark and Prodesigns (also Denmark) are the best, hands down. And the designs range from classic chic to tragically hip. I like Booth&Bruce from England, L.A. Eyeworks, and Oliver Peoples as well.
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I've just bought a pair of Oliver Peoples. Nice craftsmenship. Very comfortable. I hear there's a bespoke service somewhere. But I imagine you'd have to choose to buy glasses rather than say, a vintage Jaguar....
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Price is not an issue as I wont be paying for them.
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Also Cutler & Gross of London.
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Prodesigns are an excellent value, but the Edward Green of eyeglasses is probably Alain Mikli. Very, very expensive (but not the most expensive) and very, very high quality - hand made in France.
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Theo out of Belgium is cool.
But he also makes totally crazy specs, like those with huge metal "claws" coming out of the bridge, or the moire pattern in metal where the lenses should be.
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I personally perfer Lindbergs new "Stripwire" design compared to the other Scandanavians. They are light, strong and distinctive in a subtle manner.
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I've never been a big fan of the Alain Mikli range. Nothing has really jumped out at me. Other brands to try might be LaFont (Paris), Kia Yamato (also Paris) - both are well designed and expensive. Ic-Berlin offers some interesting frames as well.
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I've never been a big fan of the Alain Mikli range. Nothing has really jumped out at me.
Are you talking about the "Mikli" licensed brand, or the Alain Mikli range? The Mikli stuff is quite pedestrian, but the Alain Mikli stuff is lovely, and definitely constructed differently than, say, Oliver Peoples. See
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No, I'm talking about the Alain Mikli range. I recognize that the designs are quite original, and I think that they pioneered the layered zyl look, but still, not a fan. Sorry.
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To each their own. Unlike the rest of the planet, I'm not impressed by ic.Berlin.
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How about Cartier or S.T.Dupont?
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