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RL Black Label Anthony Sizing/Fit

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Can anyone with experience trying on or owning the Black Label Anthony suit weigh in with some advice? I am a law student and I need a new suit or two for interviews, summer job office wear, etc. My budget is around $4-500 with an additional $100 or so for alterations. I am a 40R in almost every style I have tried. The JCrew Ludlow 40R blazers fit me very well off the rack. One jacket has required no tailoring, and the other just needs to come in a minute amount in the chest.


I've noticed that Ralph Lauren has had some great deals on suits this week. A couple days ago I ordered a couple Blue Label styles, the Polo I in Charcoal and the Bedford in Dark Grey, both in 40R. Just now, I noticed that they have added a Black Label suit, the Anthony in Navy, for the exact same price as the Polo I. However, it is in a 42R. Is there any chance that I could make a 42R work in this fit when I am traditionally a 40R? My main concern is mostly the jacket, because I think the trousers could work. I am right around a 34 waist, maybe 33.5, so I doubt taking the pants in an inch or so would be a major issue.


I recently tried a SuitSupply York in 40R. I will end up having to return it because the sleeves are a little bit too short and the chest area is actually a little too large. SS's size advisor has the York 40R as a 44.6" upper chest, whereas the RL Anthony claims to be 42. Am I crazy thinking I might be able to size up in a slimmer suit and hopefully make alterations? There are only a few left due to the sale so I might just go ahead and purchase, but any recommendations or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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I wouldn't recommend sizing up if you are a true 40R. Especially with the Anthony it has strong structured shoulders and even with the slimmer silhouette of the cut it won't be enough to compensate for going up a full size. As great of a deal it may be, a suit is only worth it if it fits. 

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I suppose the question is moot now - I was able to track down a 40R in one of the Dallas stores! RL customer service was very helpful in finding the suit for me and then Bryan in Dallas was more than happy to send it from his store to Michigan.

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There you go, enjoy the suit!

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