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I think you might have to increase the budget. Really got an urge for dub monks?
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Yeah, I don't have a good casual shoe. 

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Originally Posted by tdellaringa View Post

Okay, I have $150 to spend on a pair of double monk straps. Suggestions?

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Hm, never heard of this company before. Nice they are Goodyear Welted. For whatever reason they don't appeal to me though. Appreciate the suggestion!

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That's because it's a small company started by a member here on SF. 

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These are the only other ones of acceptable quality that come close to your price point. Cost increases greatly from here.

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CM coming up big!
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I DO like these.


But that's 25 over what I have, plus 35 for shipping and not sure what for taxes. If I have to return it, it's on my dime and I am not sure about fit for these shoes. I'm really wary of ordering something overseas with such limited funds. I could save more and try it out, I suppose. I'll have to think about it. 


There is this Johnston & Murphy shoe


J&M is local and I can actually go to one of the stores and try it on. 

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Johnston & Murphy is not good. Especially when you compare it with Andrew Lock and Meermin. Honestly, those shoes look like garbage. I can understand if those other brands don't appeal to you for various reasons, but they are far superior to that J & M shoe.

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Oh the Meermin DOES appeal to me. I'm concerned about fit and cost. 


I've heard good things about J&M aside from whether the shoe looks good or not. Are you saying the construction is not good either? 

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Look closely at it. The coloring is blotchy and uneven, the leather looks sub-par (remember; not all calf is created equal), and that rubber sole is noxious. J & M utilizes something called "Bondwelt" construction and I've never heard a good answer as to what, exactly, that is. I would guess that it involves some kind of gluing though. With the other options available this shoe is overpriced. 

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Ok, I see it - makes sense. Sounds like it's either the Meermin, or scour eBay for a deal. 

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Still struggling to find canvas kicks, seems a lot of stuff is either sold out in my size, or just not out yet. Here's two one Vans Era 59


Maybe the silver sconce...


What about the classic Vans slip on? Is that TOO casual? Is it more of a beach shoe or something?

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You are struggling to find canvas shoes? Really? Dude, just go to the Woodfield Mall and walk around for 5 minutes. They even have a Vans store.

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LOL - yeah, maybe "struggle" is too strong a word! :D I more meant I am not sure which one to pick - not availability. The Vans store in Woodfield is pretty pricey though. I can do better on Zappos for example, and the ones I wanted are not available in my size. The markup at the Woodfield store is a good 20% or more. 

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