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Bal vs Blucher

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I've finally decided to start investing in some nice kicks and have started with a couple of pairs of AE - Strand (Walnut) & McAllister (Black).  I loved them so much I ordered a pair of McGregors in brown and am not happy with them.  It is just now that I'm realizing what the difference is between a Bal-type and a Blucher/Derby type and I think I'm coming to the conclusion that I don't like the Blucher/Derby type.  Perhaps is because they are less formal looking, but I also find that they also 'cinch' up a bit near the bottom of the laces causing an unsightly wrinkle (?) in the leather.  Perhaps the McGregor simply doesn't fit my foot as nice as the first two AEs I bought.  Regardless I'm sending them back.


So what says the hive about Bal vs Blucher?  Is it simply a matter of formality vs casual, or is there a comfort or style issue as well.  I've always felt that it is better to be over dressed than under, so I never see the harm is going more 'formal' than needed.


Thanks in advance.


P.S.  This is my first post - YAY!

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Welcome to styleforum!
I too prefer oxfords/balmorals over derbys.
The only derbys I own and do not mind wearing are 3 eyelet plain toe (shoes or boots) for their sleek appearance.
That said, there are are some shoes that look amazing in a derby design; i.e. cordovan brogues.
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